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IRC Meeting on September 01, 2008

Where? When?

  • Location: All Michigan IRC meetings are held in the #ubuntu-us-mi channel on Freenode.
    • Unsure what the previous sentence meant: Read this guide.

  • Time: 8pm

Agenda (in progress)

  1. Welcome
  2. Future IRC meeting schedule
  3. Future IRL meetings and locations (getting the LoCo active all across the state)

    • Questions/Comments/Suggestions Close


One topic of discussion was how we could get an audio meeting as all or part of LoCo meetings.

There are free SIP conference lines available by calling sip:1222???????, where the ?s are any 7 digit number you pick, with a SIP client. One person picks these numbers, calls in, and the conference is created. He/she then tells the rest of the folks this number, which they then dial with their favorite SIP client, and all are connected into the call.

We've used it with the Wayne State Univ. LUG with much success. (If you don't know what client to use, I can recommend ekiga and linphone - linphone even has a command line version that works just fine, linphonec.)

More will be done soon-ish.


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