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IRC Meeting on March 6, 2011

Where? When?

  • Location: All Michigan IRC meetings are held in the #ubuntu-us-mi channel on Freenode.
    • Unsure what the previous sentence meant: Read this guide.

  • Time: 9pm


  1. Ubuntu Global Jam - Greg Grossmeier @ Mon, 07 March 2011 01:47 UTC
  2. Natty Release Party - Greg Grossmeier @ Mon, 07 March 2011 01:48 UTC
  3. Ubuntu Hour - Greg Grossmeier @ Mon, 07 March 2011 01:48 UTC
  4. MUG memberships - Richard Harding @ Mon, 07 March 2011 01:51 UTC
    • Joint MUG memberships as a 'organization' and sponsoring a meeting and doing the content
  5. PCon - Richard Harding @ Mon, 07 March 2011 01:52 UTC
    • Group participation? Haven't seen requests for help/content from the Loco? Anyone know what's up?
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  • We'll plan to have a Global Jam Event at SRT solutions in Ann Arbor on April 3 starting at noon. We need to contact someone at SRT Solutions to ensure we can use the facility. At a minimum we'll do several installation attempts of Natty.
  • An East side Natty Release Party will be held at Penguicon on or around April 30 pending coordination with that event. A West side event will be held on April 28 in coordination with the regular meeting of the West Michigan Linux Users Group.
  • On the East Side, they will make it known that the regular Coffee House Coder meetings are a great place to talk about Ubuntu. On the West side, Ben Rousch will consider starting an Ubuntu Hour.
  • Greg Grossmeier will be taking donations via PayPal so that the Ubuntu Michigan LoCo can join the Michigan Unix Group as a corporation and sponsor a meeting.

  • No one has heard from Penguicon regarding Michigan LoCo participation.


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