About me

I am a founding member and Webmaster of the Ithaca Free Software Association -- a Free Software user group in Ithaca, New York. I am the Webmaster of the Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions, and I have a computer consulting business (focusing primarily on Free Software) in Ithaca New York.

My interest in Free Software began in 1998 along with a need to set up a Web server with no money to pay for software licenses, and old hardware to work with. I chose GNU/Linux for the project, after reading about it in a magazine. I had no experience with GNU/Linux before then, so after a rather steep learning curve, I had my Web server running quite well on a 65MHz Pentium computer that was deemed "too slow" for desktop use. I was impressed at the capability and stability of the system and was astounded that one could do so much with Free Software. Mind you, this was 1998, and Free Software has come a long way since then!

Over time I switched all of my servers and workstations to GNU/Linux and Free Software. My GNU/Linux distribution of choice is Debian for my desktop workstations, and Ubuntu for my notebook computer.

Even with years of experience, I am continually astounded by the variety of different things that can be done with Free Software, and I am interested in helping others discover this.


Mitch is the consumate organizational coordinator. He'll be the person you go to to quietly keep things running in the background. Groups and organizations rise, but most people don't appreciate they need constant attention to keep going. This is what Mitch does, and through him doing this with regard to the Ithaca Free Software Assocation many people in Ithaca, and the Ithaca eduacational community, have been introduced to Ubuntu and other Free Software issues. -- Doc Kinne [01 Apr 2009]

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