This page gives the Bug Triager of Mozilla packages a quick overview about bug states used and formal requirements attached to the individual states in form of a checklist



  • Status: NEW

  • Aliases: Initial Contact, Screening, Categorization

  • Requirements: None

  • How to Triage:

    1. check if bug is filed against right package
    2. set to "Incomplete"
    3. process bug as if it was "Incomplete" (read below)


  • Status: INCOMPLETE

  • Aliases: Gathering Information, Crash Traces, Testcase and Reproduce and find Tester

  • Requirements:

    1. NEW processing
  • How to Triage:

    1. Ask for missing information
      1. Crashes: strace, backtrace, if possible way to reproduce (if not, ask for steps the user took to cause the crash)
      2. Feature Bugs: Steps to reproduce (starting with fresh profile)
    2. normalize description and summary (see MozillaTeam/NormalizedBugFormat)

    3. set to "CONFIRMED", once Requirements of CONFIRMED state are fulfilled (see below)


  • Status: CONFIRMED

  • Aliases: Upstream Triage, Evaluation

  • Requirements:

    1. MozillaTeam/NormalizedBugFormat

    2. Crashes: strace + backtrace
    3. Rendering Bugs: Screenshots
  • How to Triage:

    1. Identify if its an upstream bug or ubuntu specific; if in doubt test with upstream build.
  • How to Triage (Upstream Bug):

    1. Search for upstream bugs in
    2. file a new upstream bug and CC the ubuntu@bugs.distro user on the mozilla bug. (see MozillaTeam/HowToFileMozillaBugsUpstream)

    3. Connect existing upstream bug with launchpad bug
  • How to Triage (Ubuntu Bug):

    1. if reproducible or a reasonable evaluation of the bug exists set to TRIAGED.

CategoryMozillaTeam, CategoryBugSquad

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