Skills and Activities

At the moment we are focusing our efforts on the bug triage side of the project. We currently have over 800 open bugs. If debugging is not your thing. Please take a look at the roadmap to see if there is any other area that you are interested in working on. If nothing there seems exciting, please feel free to find another area within the team that interests you and jump in.

A few examples of how you can help: branding, localization, artwork, multimedia plug-ins, flash issues, java issues, gui consistency, stability, security...

If you're interested in wiki writing then feel free to edit the pages and neaten up the place a little:)

After you have chosen your area, continue to develop your knowledge in that area. Perhaps write a wiki page outlining processes for new members of the team to follow in your footsteps.

That's really about it, just remember to have fun and if you get stuck, no-one will bite you for asking a question.


Membership is not required for participation in on team. Instead, we use membership as a sign that an individual has shown them self to be a valuable contributer over time. Membership is available to anyone who has an established history of contributions to the team. The most valuable benefit of membership is as proof of your contributions. This will help lend you credibility when interacting with other outside the team. Please use it but don't abuse it;) Members also play an essential role in team governance by voting on Mozilla Council nominations.

Membership lasts for two years, and is renewable. If you don't renew your status as a member you will join the "inactive members" list. Membership can be reactivated at any time after it has lapsed, on request and with the confirmation of the Mozilla Council.

Qualifying for Membership

A person who wants to become a member should have a established history of contribution to the team. This can include branding, localization, artwork, multimedia plug-ins, flash issues, java issues, gui consistency, stability, security.... Anybody who is active on the team is a good candidate for membership.

Becoming a Member

Anyone who feels they are ready to join the team should:

  1. Join Ubuntu-MozillaSquad team Here

  2. Document your work on your home page on the Ubuntu Wiki. This can include links to code, mailing list messages, or wiki pages. It can also include narrative descriptions.
  3. Add yourself to the next team agenda with a link to your page
  4. Come to the next meeting.

If any potential member wants help or a review of their application, please contact any member of the Ubuntu Mozilla Team


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