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About Me

Hi! I'm David Bensimon. I enjoy helping users and improving Ubuntu. I try to make myself available to those who require help. I am interested in improving the quality of free software. I work providing support and contribute to the Ubuntu bugsquad and bugcontrol teams.

Linux stats:

  • Linux user since 2004
  • Registered Linux User #458827
  • Ubuntu User #19076
  • GNOME user


  • Free Software
  • Ubuntu
  • Computer history
  • User support
  • A/V production
  • Bike rides
  • Yoga


  • Digital Technical Production - College Certificate
  • LPIC-1 - Linux Professional Institute
  • UCP - Ubuntu Certified Professional


See my Ubuntu Docs/Wiki/Help Articles.


Group Memberships

You can view all my group memberships here.

Ubuntu Events

Top Bugs

  • See my top bugs which I would like to see fixed in the upcoming LTS.


This section is open to anyone who would like to comment on my contribution to the Ubuntu community

David is a relentless community contributor. Although he is a Canonical employee at Support, he goes way beyond any of his duties by actively engaging the local community, filing bug reports and advocating Ubuntu user to anyone. David does not stand around watching and chatting, he MAKES THINGS HAPPEN. Be careful what you comment around him, if it makes sense and takes Ubuntu further, he'll do it Smile :) -- FabianRodriguez

David has been of awesome help in organizing some of the latest events in Ubuntu-Quebec. He's not afraid to step in and make things happen, and go the extra mile to make Ubuntu and our LoCo rock Smile :) -- mathieu-tl 2009-11-18 21:43:25

Is there anything you found missing from Ubuntu at this link? If so, PM David about what he did in it and he will update his past activities on it(He actually has some memory loss in what he did for the community :D). I am with Him for about an year and my interactions with him made me take some solid decisions and he guided me a lot in what I do. I support him fully in the present and for future for any steps he takes. Mohi Sep 17 16:32:11 UTC 2010

Ubuntu Member Since Nov. 2009


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