I, Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre, apply for upload rights for packages network-manager, network-manager-applet, network-manager-pptp, network-manager-openvpn, network-manager-vpnc, network-manager-openconnect, modemmanager.


Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

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Who I am

I'm a former sysadmin, now QA / Hardware Certification engineer for Canonical. I contribute to a number of different projects such as NetworkManager, pm-utils, concordance/congruity, through bug reports, patches, or maintaining packages in Debian and Ubuntu.

My Ubuntu story

I've been using Ubuntu since Hoary (?), and was suggested that I contribute to Ubuntu by some of my former coworkers because of my ideas and some of the bugs that I noticed in some systems (like NetworkManager), and patches that I had proposed.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • LP #91964 - network-manager-vpnc - No Option To Save Group Password

  • LP #490326 - Please merge fontconfig 2.8.0-2 from Debian testing (main)

  • LP #392195 - telepathy-butterfly - add support for the http method (MSN over HTTP) -- this one is still in progress.

  • I'm also the current Debian maintainer for a couple of packages in Debian:

    • Concordance - Harmony remote configuration tool (CLI)
    • Congruity - graphical utility to configure Logitech Harmony remotes
    • Acct - GNU System and Process accounting utilities
    • Ethos - GTK+ Plug-in infrastructure
    • Emerillon - Gnome OpenStreetMaps map viewer.

Areas of work

  • NetworkManager package maintenance for Ubuntu and Debian

  • Maintaining the various VPN plugins for NM.

Since NetworkManager is a very active project and strives to support complex features such as 3G, VPNs, etc. there is a need for regular releases of new versions through git snapshots or cherry-picking patches. Since I've been working on the network-manager related packages, we (as the ~network-manager team) have been able to enable daily builds available through a PPA for testing patches using the latest versions, or confirming bugs.

Things I could do better

Some bugs, especially wifi or 3g related are quite difficult to verify and confirm. I need to figure out ways to quickly and easily identify where an issue lies without resorting to trying to get to use the specific hardware, which obviously isn't very easy.

Due to my limited skills in C, while I can write patches that work well, I'm not great at understanding crashes. I need to get better at debugging using automated tools.

Plans for the future


  • Get the newest and shiniest of NetworkManager in Ubuntu. New versions require additional dependencies for which we are waiting after packages in Debian experimental, those will need to be synced/merged into Ubuntu.

  • Provide regular updates, SRUs, for mobile-broadband-provider-info with new ISPs, mobile 3G/CDMA providers around the world. Lots are still missing and many update their settings periodically.

What I like least in Ubuntu

As we try to make Ubuntu work well for most people, we need to be very careful about things like regressions, changes in behavior, etc. It's complicated and sometimes holds us back from getting much needed improvements.


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Alexander Sack (asac)

Matthieu is a long standing contributor to the ubuntu network-manager effort.

I reviewed a couple of uploads to the vpn plugins and also regular review his ongoing work on our other network-manager packages.

He runs the daily and archive builds for network-manager since i left the desktop team and i fully trust him to take care the network-manager package set.


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