Note: Natty is still under development! MT in Natty has not yet been finalized.

How to Install

If you are running Natty, you get support out of the box!

Supported Gestures

Unity has support for some system gestures, and you can try those out right away. Here's a list:

  • 3 finger pinch to maximize/restore windows
  • 3 finger press and drag to move window
  • 3 finger touch to show grab handles
  • 4 finger swipe left/right to reveal launcher
  • 4 finger tap to open dash

If you are running Natty with the "classic" GNOME Desktop the gesture framework is installed, but since you don't have Unity running system gestures won't be immediately available. However, by using Ginn configured for your window manager, you should be able to have a similar gesture experience.

Legacy Applications

Ginn is installed by default in Natty, and provides users with the ability to add gestures for applications that do not directly support gestures. Ginn supports everything from photo viewers and text editors to window managers!

To read more about Ginn, and how to configure your favorite applications for gestures, visit the Ginn wiki page:

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