What about play music while installing? That will be coolest feature.


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While installing, you still have access to the Desktop.. Is there then a point implementing this ?

Cool edit - a very good music program (for windows ... ) - makes music while the installation. but I don't know how and if it is possible with linux ... ?

You can find freie Musik = free music for that on:

Maybe the sounds of valoodoo (valugian galleon) would be good for installation. these guys have a linux-user-group in austria and the music was made on a linux-workshop. the music is free and I am sure the would be very happy when you put it on this projekt. Another possibillity: The webmasters - Xipnoh (also on neppstar - freie Musik)

The musicians of Neppstar also wrote the startup and shutdown sounds for the bootable linux CDs jux2 and jux-lala I think you can ask them if you have wishes for special installation-music because they love linux and ubuntu ... Smile :-)

ps: Neppstar is momentanousely in german, but some important parts are in english. The music is under a free license like the Creative Commons (CCbysa) and ist called: "Lizenz für freie Inhalte". Its like the GPL.

greetings Erwin Rathauser

Warbo: Sorry to be a spoil sport but the top comment is correct. Personally when I am installing Ubuntu on one desktop I use the other to give Rhythmbox my entire music library from my USB hard drive, I also chat in GAIM and browse the web with Firefox. Ubuntu is a preemptively multitasking operating system, so as long as you don't eat up all of your memory (which I have done in the past when messing around in the GIMP) you can do whatever you want while Ubuntu is installing. The links above are still useful though, but maybe on an "Include More Music On The Live CD" spec or something, because this one was redundant when it was made (no implementation or anything, because it is already there!). The alternate CD should stay music-free since it is mainly a hardcore, failsafe kind of thing. Music shouldn't start automatically IMHO when Ubuntu is installing because users might be low on memory or, as in my case, already listening to something else. A light jingle (with an on/off tick box somewhere) might be apropriate if a slideshow/presentation type of thing is implemented during installation, but for now it is easiest to leave the progress bar filling up and get on with whatever else you want, and if that is listening to music then go ahead and open up whatever player you want Smile :)


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