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Hello, I am Ko Ko Ye`, I Love Ubuntu , I'm Buddhist, I live in Yangon(Rangoon) Myanmar(Burma), I Love Ubuntu and Traveling with Ubuntu Install Fest / Ubuntu Promote Event,

I am currently a Freelancer (Net/Web). I have a strong interest in computers, especially Net and web programming. I Love it Ubuntu and other OSS, FLOSS, GNU, GPL, MIT, Apache etc.,

I have played around with Linux since 2004, from Web Designer to Web Administrator (For LAMP) with Ubuntu being my main choice. I initially tried Fedora, but after trying Ubuntu 7.10 and later Ubuntu 8.04, I settled on Ubuntu as my favourite Linux distro. I will Promote About Linux and Ubuntu Distro since 2009 at Attendance 250 Person, They Like and Love Ubuntu. Currently I have Ubuntu 12.10 and 12.04 LTS installed on both of my computers, as well as a couple of virtual computers that are mainly used for web programming.

I learned HTML/JS/CSS by myself in 2000, and moved on to PHP a couple of years later. I created my own WordPress CMS Theme in 2008, as a way to learn more in-depth PHP and MySQL. However, I have now decided to use WordPress and Drupal for all my Blog and Web, as it is a lot easier and much more powerful.

I am Leader of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team, mainly helping out with the Facebook groups and Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team Movement. and the biggest Barcamp in Barcamp Yangon 2010~2019 Organizer & Tech Support Leader (With Our LoCo Team Member) and BCY-13 at Assistant Coordinator.

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In Community

Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team Leader I have chaired the Weekly Ubuntu-MM Face2Face team meetings, u4mm is since June 2009

I have fixed up wiki pages to have a consistent look and feel

I help to answer questions on the ubuntu-mm facebook pages and groups (Our Country at fb is better IRC, fb is most popular)

Ubuntu mm twitter

I assist with managing the social network pages and Multi Subdomain with ubuntu-mm (.com/.net) for Ubuntu-MM

I advocate Open-Source and Ubuntu whenever possible.

I publish ubuntu live CDs, ISOs and Customize DVD for my friends whenever possible.

I am Tech Support Leader and Asst-Coordinator Barcamp Yangon 2010~2013

I am Leader of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team

I am a Leader of Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team

I am the Administrator of Ubuntu Myanmar Translation Team

I am the Administrator of Ubuntu Shan Translation Team


LoCo Event

Event Physical and Web Chat

Biggest Barcamp at daily most popular topic is "I Love U Ubuntu " and "Work with U Ubuntu "

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University Computer Student [City]

  • (./) UCSM - M = Mandalay 1 and 2
    (./) UCSL - L = Lashio UCSL and GTU

Ubuntu Introduce and Install Fest is Done.


Life Goals

I want to learn more in programming, and learn bug fixing and applying patches, also I hope to be an ubuntu developer.

I'm using Linux since I was 2005~6, as well as I have a big knowledge in linux.

I am an active member and Leader of my native loco team (ubuntu-mm) and ubuntu-shn team.

Future Goal

learn Python well.

Become an ubuntu member. next time Dev & MOTU member

Develop some Python applications.

Help my team become an re-approved LoCo team and approve Shan LoCo Team. Because I am proud of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and Burmese, Shan Translation Team

Share to our community Fix bugs and apply patches.

Become an ubuntu developer.

Become a MOTU.

Become Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team with Ubuntu Member / Ubuntu Developer.


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Ko has helped me greatly with my project (relinux) in web/domain hosting/support, and also in ideas/suggestions for popularity and for usability etc... Without him, the project would have probably been abandoned. I definitely "vote" for him to become an Ubuntu member Smile :) - Joel Leclerc.

I know Ko Ko Ye through a mutual friend who has been greatly involved in the open IT community in South-East Asia. In a region where public involvement in open software is not a given, Ko Ko Ye is committed and involved enough that his name keeps coming up. — Jeroen Vermeulen

As LoCo Team Leader of Myanmar Team, he, Ko Ko Ye, really works hard for Ubuntu Promotion in Myanmar. In our country, if we are talking about Ubuntu, actually it is we are talking about Ko Ko Ye. If we name Ko Ko Ye in our conversation, we are talking about Ubuntu. He is famous among Ubuntu users. I'm now fulltime Ubuntu user because he show me the way Ubuntu works, he show me the way Ubuntu goes. — Sithu Thwin

Ko Ko Ye?, Yeah, He is the great man in Our Myanmar. I know him since 2008. From that time, he was using Ubuntu. And he guide me to use Ubuntu. Now i am ubuntu user. He tried to become a MyanmarTeam. Now we have Ubuntu MyanmarLoCo Team.We really thanks for his jobs. When there is event or workshop, he forget his wife and child. At that time, he only emphasizes to Event to success. If a person who don't know the words Ubuntu, then come to kokoye2007. He will tell him not only the words but also the whole Ubuntu. I really vote for him to become an Ubuntu Member. kokoye2007 should try Ubuntu Developer. Now he is over Ubuntu Member.It is late. Oops, One last sentence. He also treat us every time when we sit for cafe. He is great. He is Nice. He is the Best. He is...............He is............ He is...................;-)pyaesone

The first time i met Ko Ko Ye is at Barcamp 2011 ,Mandalay .He made the presentation about Ubuntu .Then,I had no knowledge about Ubuntu and linux .Not only me ,others technology intrested students and youths don't know Linux.Ko Ko Ye introduced Ubuntu to us ,to Myanmar. Later , i noticed him at Online Interview and in some journal posts. Ko Ko Ye and Ubuntu ,Ubuntu and Ko Ko Ye can't aparted in Myanmar.If someone heard his name "Ko Ko Ye",he will imagine the Ubuntu Myanmar LocoTeam.He lead the U4MM (Ubutnu Myanmar LocoTeam) with many ubuntu intrested friends. Last Year (2011) December ,we made the event "Ubuntu Mandalay Hour" in Mandalay .Ko Ko Ye and U4MM LocoTeam come to Mandalay and fully supported and helped our event.Very remembrance time .Since that time i become more friendly with Ko Ko Ye and other Ubuntu LoCo Team Member .We got alot of knowledge about Ubuntu as well as linux and many other IT related knowledge.I specially thanks him not only for Ubuntu also for many other knowledge and experiences i got. HtutMyat

At the year of 2011, I met with the Ko Ko Ye at the Ubuntu Event, Yangon, Myanmar. I came there because a friend of mine told me about the u4mm: Ubuntu for Myananmar (aka) Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team's event. At that event, he share about Ubuntu. Not only he was sharing the technology but also included the history of Ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth. I've got so much knowledge about the History of Ubuntu and how useful it is. Believe it or not, I didn't know Ubuntu is that much powerful before I attend this event. I would like to thank Ko Ko Ye from here.

After that event, I decided to use the Ubuntu and decided to keep-in-touch with his team. For me, personally, he is the most admire person in IT filed who I met before. He has a good attitude, self-motivate, willing to share the knowledge. Likewise, he do contribute to develop the Ubuntu in Myanmar for non-profit -- the very special part of him. Later on, I became the Member of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team because of him. I love his attitude and manna(s)... He is not only my friend but also my respectful team leader. He and his team did met with the great guys from the Department of "The Ministry of Education" to contribute the educational project by using Edubuntu. According to his performance, he must be the member of Ubuntu and I am strongly recommend him to be the member of Ubuntu.

with much regards,

Ethan Kurt

I met kokoye2007 in May but I have known him online long time ago. However, I have just met him face to face in May, 2011. The place, where we met was the border of Myanmar in Muse, Shan State. Well, for kokoye2007 it was not just the first time he went to Muse, he had already been there in purpose of introducing Ubuntu. Both Shan people and I gain a lot of opportunity after meeting him because he shared his knowledge and has worked a lot for Shan people. I would say it is the god's gift to meet him in my life. In November, 2011 he advised me to establish Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team as they have Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo team. Since then Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team appears. kokoye2007 is not only helping me on the need of Ubuntu but also help me in other works too. Furthermore, he went to Shan State and introduce Ubuntu to Shan people. Therefore, I personally would say kokoye2007 is the one who is helpful and also can help us in the Community of Ubuntu.

With regards,


What to say about kokoye2007, he is a great geek from Yangon,Myanmar.I knew him since 2011 as a blogger but at that time I didn't know about him well.Then,about 2 years later I started Ubuntu then I did Googling and founded Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and kokoye2007 in Facebook.Team & kokoye2007 can't separate , when we say about Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team ,we saw kokoye2007 at once. Big Grin :) A few months later he & LoCo members came to Mandalay,Myanmar then we were more friendly & knew that kokoye2007 is a great supporter of Ubuntu.He's very work hard guy for Ubuntu & also Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. He brought Ubuntu/OpenSource to Myanmar.We love that guy! Big Grin :)

best regards,


3 years ago... Stay I remember about kokoye2007. He is the one introduce to me with Ubuntu 9.04 OS. Start from that time only kokoye2007 are support to me use for Ubuntu. A few month later kokoye2007 foundation to Loco Team for support to us. I'm really appreciate to kokoye2007 Awesome- mr-zawminnaung

Hey! Do you know "What is Linux?". The Question that I always want to know perfectly. But Nobody on my environment can give any answer for me. And I always want to touch to the Linux. But Everyone said it's for Geek. Not for U!. It's difficult to use!. So, don't think about it!. So, I have no chance and no concerntration to linux. But I want to try!. But the Biggest need for me is Internet connection. It is the difficulties for me to use linux. It's impossible to have any internet access to my pc ago. And as you know, the connection is not fast enought. But I'm still. Once I get a Ubuntu Custom Distro from my friend. It's product of Ko Ko Ye. I already know his name. But I have never seen before. I likely to test this Ubuntu Distro. And I want to attend Ubuntu event in my home town. I always have hope and pray of making ubuntu event in my home town. The first time I met Ko Ko Ye is the 11.10 Distro release party at Mandalay,Myanmar with the linux vocalbulary that I didn't know. Because of Lovely Ubuntu explained by Ko Ko Ye, I have chance to touch with linux. And I can improve my linux usage skill with the support of online help and guide of Ko Ko Ye and his Loco team written in Myanmar Language. I mainly study myanmar guide because I don't have any pro skill with English. Again in 12.04 LTs release party in Mandalay, I can't believe myself because I understand almost all terms what Ko Ko Ye said. And I also have presentation of LMMS and Linux Games. I want to Special thanks to Ko Ko Ye` and Myanmar Loco Team. And I believe that he can well develop for Ubuntu. And I believe that there're many people who initially didn't know linux but they have learned and well know about the linux like me because of the support of Myanmar LoCo Team. Hey Ko Ko Ye`, I'll give any support for LoCo Team And For U!

With Special Thanks, Nyein Chan Zaw

Ko Ko Ye'! Yeah, he is the guy who I most admire and repectful person since I know him. When I start using ubuntu,I faced so many problems with that. I googling my problem and I saw u4mm website and about Ko Ko Ye'. Then I knew with him and I got too much support about ubuntu from him. Also I knew about ubuntu more than before. For now I can use ubuntu without any difficulties because of Ko Ko Ye' and Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. I am very proud of being member of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo team and friend of Ko Ko Ye' who founded our LoCo Team and gave full support for ubuntu.

Best Regards, Ko Zaw Htet

I knew with kokoye2007, when I start using ubuntu 9.04. Then he became friend of mine when I use ubuntu 9.10. Then we working together for ubuntu until now. He is my best friend and he try hard for ubuntu and Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. I will try my best for our Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and I also love solving problem about ubuntu with kokoye2007. We can't apart ubuntu with Ko Ko Ye' because he was born to share about ubuntu in Myanmar...... I Love Ubuntu....I supproting Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team.......

Best Regards,


kokoye is the best person for us if we have some problem with ubuntu.We knew him at Barcamp 2010 when discuss about ubuntu.Now,He also Team Leader of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and he alway stands infront of us when anyproblem appear with us.Now, i m using ubuntu 12.10 which he gave the ubuntu CD.He is the hero for us with ubuntu.He also supporting for ubuntu semina with his pocket money,We love him,We can't use ubuntu without his help.He is the best person for myanmar ubuntu loco team.I Only tell about the ubuntu problem when we met at teashop and alway tell what can we do for more locolization to other divisions of the country.Now, We are supporting for him(ubuntu) to develop more in the country with his hero help,We Love Ubuntu!

Be Happy,


In Mandalay first Barcamp kokoye introduce ubuntu to us but actually we don't understand. About 45 minutes is not enough to explain it. But kokoye come again for big bang sharing Ubuntu 11.04 in Ubuntu Hour Mandalay. I personally friendly with kokoye in there. Now Mandalay is fully supported by Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. He's sharing Ubuntu not only in Yangon,Mandalay. He goes around Myanmar to distribute and teach how to use it. If I can't help on other project,I want to help in distributing. He's working nonprofit not only for Ubuntu but also for Nation. He's one of my role model. I'm very proud friendly with kokoye.

Saw Khaing

KoKoYe, the name I start familier since 2009 first event in my country and met with him 2010.Start from that time to still now moving forward for Ubuntu activity and development in my country.In activity of non profit movement have more difficulty than other activity but we try our best with him.For one person,contribution for whole country is big barden.He try and do as much as he can for Ubuntu.


Ko Ko Ye is nice to people and sharing Ubuntu in Myanmar . He was most popular in all of the #Bar Camp and topic is work with U & I love U . This guy known most of the OSS and Linux networkingand many many more..Smart As .Ck

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