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Burmese Translation


The goal of this page is to provide people wanting to know how to start translating packages into Burmese Language with the information required so that they can start doing so at their own place. This information is meant to support the existing translation team in their efforts.

Sources of information

  • Burmese Translation - most of this information on this page has been directly taken from the Burmese Translation page with slight alterations to make it relevant to the Burmese efforts.


Joining the Ubuntu Burmese Translators team allows you to commit translations. If you are not a member you can still contribute but your contributions will need to be approved by a member.

Procedure to Join

  1. Sign up for a Launchpad account.

  2. Apply to join the Ubuntu Burmese Translators team and sign up to the ubuntu-l10n-my mailing list. The discussion on this low volume mailing list is very useful for us as our translation is almost identical and helps make translation more uniform across teams.


It sounds obvious but you will need to have an adequate command of both English and Burmese Language to effectively translate in this team.

It is also highly recommended to read the information provided at the translation wiki page for how to go about making your translations. It has a large amount of useful information and will provide all the details on how to get started.


To save doubling efforts it is recommended to read over the Burmese Translation Guidelines as shown on the Burmese Translation's wiki page.

This information is very useful to just confirm any thoughts you may have either way and provides a handy reference table.


For any further questions please consult the team mailing list or come ask your question on IRC.

Let's GO!

So now you know all you need to get started, it's time to get going! There is plenty to translate on launchpad for MM Ubuntu packages.

Translations achieved

We were able to translate 1008 strings in many packages over the course of the afternoon. Some packages had more than strings left to complete while others had thousands. A list of packages we were able to complete during the Translation Jam (in alphabetical order):

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