Ubuntu MythTV Team

This is the homepage for the Ubuntu MythTV team. Our goal is to help ensure that the various hardware and software components required for Ubuntu MythTV support are thoroughly tested and documented before each new release. Ubuntu is- and shall remain- a solid, stable platform for MythTV.

Discussions concerning the status, progress and troubleshooting on the Ubuntu MythTV project takes place in #ubuntu-mythtv on Feel free to join us there with any ideas and input you may have or if you would like to help out with development, documentation or testing.

We also have a mailing list which will be used for announcements and requests for users to test out new package versions.

Joining the Team

If you are interested in helping maintain the packages or helping with any debconf/python coding, please contact Mario Limonciello <>.

If you want to assist with any needed testing, please see the Hardware link at the top of this page.

If you have ideas for the team, want to help edit and/or create new pages, help write documentation or provide troubleshooting assistance, please join #ubuntu-mythtv on irc. There is usually at least one team member around- but if no one is responding to your posts, just hang out for a little bit-- one of us will eventually show back up at our machines to see it.

It is recommended that you register an irc nickname on freenode irc, so that you can send/receive private messages and files. Instructions on how to register a nickname can be found here: freednode



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