The Ubuntu MythTV Team

The MythTV Team is always looking for more members to join and help. Help is always needed in the following areas:

  • Package Maintenance
  • Bug Triaging & Bug Fixing

  • Documentation Writing, Verification, and Maintenance
  • Hardware Verification & Testing

A large commitment isn't necessary. A basic tester can simply boot up a live disk, and verify that certain hardware works. A bug fixer can look upstream for fixes and notify maintainers of these fixes. A documentation writer can walk through the documentation on a live machine, and verify that it all works as desired. If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, join the mailing list, say hello in IRC and add yourself to the list of members below.

Mailing List

howto join mailing list


MythTV Package Maintenance

Mario Limonciello <>, superm1 on IRC

Brandon Holtsclaw <>, imbrandon on IRC

Kees Cook < >, keescook on IRC

Dave Walker < >, daviey on IRC

Justin Hornsby < >, juski on IRC

Scott Bronson < >, bronson on IRC

Michael Haas < >, gardengnome, laga on IRC

Dave Morris < >, DaveMorris on IRC

Documentation and Misc.

Major Idiot < >, majoridiot on irc and forum PM



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