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The Ubuntu New User Network meetings used to be scheduled every 2 weeks, dependent on need. The next meeting is February 15th at 23:00UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on

Like all other meetings, the New User Network meeting is open for all to comment.

Agenda for next meeting

  • Where is ubuntu-nun and ubuntu-classroom going? JohnVivirito

  • "Add your agenda points here"

Agenda for Januarys meeting

  • NUN Logo (For Launchpad) - A few ideas: nun-logo.png nun-logo2.png nun-logo3.png --PWill

  • NUN Logo - Official?
    final-nun-logo.png final-nun-logo-2.png

  • Do we restart advertising? -- RyanKavanagh 2006-10-06 01:43:21

  • What will we do in mid-january when classes run out? Loop? Ask for new topics? etc -- RyanKavanagh 2006-10-06 01:43:21

    • What about asking a Team to give a Marketing Speech on how to get involved every other weekend (where there isn't a course)? -- RyanKavanagh 2007-01-03 21:20:49

    • What about a mailing list type course, where every week, we send out an email with a link to a piece of documentation that would interest and affect a large portion of users, 5-10-20 questions based on it, and the answers to the previous week's questions. Also, they mail the list any questions they have on the course material (NOT everyday questions, they can go to kubuntu-users, ubuntu-users, etc, for those). -- RyanKavanagh 2007-01-03 21:20:49

    • What about making it a great big Ubuntu School, geared towards all users in all ubuntu subjects, (like merge with motu-school, etc), or have teams give courses (instead of or as well of a Marketing Speech) -- RyanKavanagh 2007-01-03 21:23:23

  • Feedback? Comments? What should we change? What should we keep? -- RyanKavanagh 2006-10-06 01:43:21

  • Goals for the future -- RyanKavanagh 2006-10-06 01:43:21

  • Where is the NUN going? -- RyanKavanagh 2007-01-03 21:20:49

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