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Hello everyone! I'm just a guy from Myanmar who crazy about Ubuntu. I'm a Sr. Mangement Information System Technician of MPRL E&P Pte Ltd and now volunteering in Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. I'm an enthusiast of IT and cheerfully support to Open Source though I got MCSE:Security certification ;). I do networking, server administration, web and application develpment.

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I made some Ubuntu application such as Zproxy, MMFontSwitcher, my-fs-cli, Gedit Plugin for Python-Myanmar Font Converter, Clip-Text-Convert, Burmese Keyboards and other useful shell scripts which are dedicated to Ubuntu users in Myanmar. I write Blog posts about my experience in Ubuntu and Open Source Softwares, moreover, I'm a contributor of Localized Ubuntu-based Distro, TharLon. I always participate in every contribution of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team.

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Future Goals

Ubuntu To do more contribution on Ubuntu:

  • Writing Tutorials, Tips and Tricks on
  • Making Video Tutorials
  • Localization
  • Developing Applications for Burmese Language

Ubuntu To educate about Ubuntu and FOSS Adoption

Ubuntu Improve Ubuntu-MM Community


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

Ko Naing Ye Minn, He is great man in Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. pyaesone

Mr. Naing Ye Minn? Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team long time support Core Member 2009~2013, instructor, bash and python speciallist, who made my-fs-cli and clipboard converter, helpful with Font and Keyboard Installer Video Tutorial, else... i am proud. Ko Ko Ye`

Ko Naing Ye Minn is one of the best LoCo Team Member ,his blog and his apps help many beginner easy to use ubuntu .I support him 100% to become a Ubuntu Member .He is essential for Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team .Htut Myat

Ko Naing Ye Minn make a lot of product for Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team, Proxy setting for Zproxy, Myanmar keyboard for mm-kb.deb and also fonts switcher between ZawGyi fonts and Unicode fonts. And he made a tutorials on his blog concern with ubuntu. He is part of the Myanmar LoCo Team.Saw Khaing

Brother Naing Ye Minn was Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team long time support Core Member and I read his article for install Myanmar Fonts in Ubuntu 11.04. He's also essential in our Local community. Chit Ko Ko Win

Cool guy with Ubuntu.Well experience in Networking and Ubuntu apps.I hope more apps come from you.In our country more Ubuntu developer needed. He is one of app developer in future, I hope so.Also perticipate with us in events and free class for Ubuntu.Better than and smarter than me :).thohi

He loves to develop and localize for Ubuntu. He develops apps for our people and his apps are very useful for us. He is an essential Core Member for Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. And he is a smart guy. Lu Gyi Min

He loves to ubuntu about He is good idea create app . We need our Ubuntu LoCo team HeinHtet

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