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 * [ TradurreDocumentazione]


attachment:IconsPage/IconNote.png La versione in italiano [ qui]

I joined Ubuntu on February 2006 with Ubuntu 5.10 "The Breezy Badger". I immediately created an account on the Italian forum and after a few days I began to give support to people.

After about a year, I obtained [ Ubuntu Italian] membership. I joined Ubuntu Italian Promoters Team too, where I'm working to the [ Stickers Project] and the [ Cd Ubuntu Project]

I started to work on Launchpad too, I focused to help the translation of Ubuntu into Italian language.

About Me





To read the full list of my translations in Rosetta, see my [ Launchpad account].

From International Wiki

Other Translations


attachment:IconsPage/package.png [ /PackagingActivities]

Ubuntu Stuff


Cheers for Ubuntu Membership

attachment:IconsPage/IconHandshake.png Paolo is young, but he's pretty involved in Ubuntu. He recently started to poke with answer tracker and Rosetta in Launchpad, but his interests do not stop here: he provided a lot of help on the Italian forum and IRC chans. A very talented guy. -LucaFalavigna-

attachment:IconsPage/IconHandshake.png Paolo is getting involved everyday more and more in our community. He's a good translator, helps with bugs and on the Italian forum and IRC helps other people too. He's a very good young-person. MiloCasagrande


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