My proposal is to organize and run a Linux LAN Party in the New Jersey Area, to be organized by the NewJerseyTeam, and the Rutgers LUG.


One of the larger issues with converting Power Users to Linux is games; their favorite games are extremely hard or almost impossible to play on a linux system. A Linux LAN Party would showcase the multitude of Open-Source, well made, and extremely fun games that are currently out there. These are games that can be played on any linux distribution, and on Windows.

Windows users will come because they're interested in linux, and want to see what linux gaming is like. They'll be able to play the games with Windows, but LoCo team members will be on hand to help them install Ubuntu, should they decide to make the switch.

All linux users will also be able to play. What separates this event from a general linux event? While other linux users (redhat, suse, etc) will have to run around to get all the games installed, the Ubuntu people will already have all their games in the repositories, and can simply install them from Synaptic.


The Games

  • We need to figure out all the games we want to play. They should run the gamut, from fps, to rts, to rpg.

[note: This is a list of _potential_ games. We'll edit it down later.]

  • FPS
    • OpenArena (15 minute download, packaged, easy to pickup/play)

    • Warsow
    • Cube (all computers might not run Sauerbraten)
    • Enemy Territory (? see America's Army)
    • Sauerbraten
    • Savage: The Battle for Newerth
    • America's Army (? needed on CD, big download)
  • Action
    • Armagetron Advanced/GLtron
  • Strategy
    • The Battle for Wesnoth
    • Savage: The Battle for Newerth
  • Misc.
    • Default GNOME games (like four-in-a-row), for the none-of-the-above people
  • For each of those games, we need to see if they're installable from main or universe.
    • If they are, great!
    • If they aren't:
      • We need to compile, package, and test the games.
        • For x86, x64, and (hopefully) PPC
        • For Edgy and Dapper (Breezy? Hoary?) (Possible Feisty?)
      • We need to get them merged into Universe


  • Somewhere central to the New Jersey Area, accessible by public transportation.
    • New Brunswick
      • Close to NJ Transit Northeast Corridor rail line.
      • (Some) parking available
      • Rutgers LUG members live near-by. Some LoCo team members could possibly find a couch to sleep on.

    • Trenton
    • Newark
      • The perfect meeting place for those who like to be shot, mugged, and stabbed, possibly all at the same time.
    • South Jersey
      • May not be convenient for all members, but extremely convenient for me.
  • A place to play
    • Needs to be large enough to accommodate our expected turnout.
    • Needs enough electricity, internet access.


  • Game preparation
    • Needs to evaluate which games are available
    • Package the ones necessary
    • Test on needed architectures and releases
  • Advertising
    • Needs to publicize the event
      • Flyers
      • Word of Mouth
      • Announcements to local user groups, forums, etc
  • LAN Management
    • Needs to get new players in place, organize games and tournaments, keep order.
  • Ubuntu Techs
    • Needs to help people install Ubuntu! Also needs to help Ubuntu users install and run the games, if necessary.


  • Package Server
    • Needed to host beta packages, until tested and ready to merge into Universe
    • Can be hosted on the LoCo's server (once we actually have a domain name ...)

  • LAN Equipment
    • Surge Protectors and Power Cords
    • Lots and lots of CAT5/CAT6
    • Tables and chairs
    • Routers/Switches
    • Projector, if possible

Soon to be Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to package the games?

  • We need to package the games so that Ubuntu users can simply plug in their computer and install the games through apt. The advantage of using Ubuntu at the event should be easy setup, to show off the ease of use of apt.

Why do we need our own repository?

  • Because I'm not an MOTU, and neither are you. We need a place to test packages before submitting them to universe. We need a repository so we can make multiple changes/scewups, test it, and then submit it to Universe.

Why do we need to submit packages to Universe at all? LAN players can just use our Repo!

  • Because I'm not in the business of promoting Third Party Repos. LAN players should be able to install the games right from Universe; they shouldn't need to go adding a third party repository to their sources to install the games. Besides which, the LoCo team repository will be for testing; having users with the LoCo team repo in their sources means that when we update it, they update it. Which is all well and good, until someone uploads a bad package.

I Really like [Windows Game XYZ], which runs great in Wine/Winex/Cedega/Transgaming/Babbages difference engine. Can We play that too?

Congratulations. The point of the event will be to show just how good linux gaming is without having to emulate Windows games. Therefore, no Counter-Strike, no Halo, no Neverwinter Nights 2, etc, no matter what hack method you use to get it to run on linux. Besides promoting game companies to not release linux versions of their games, emulated Windows games are many times

  1. Complicated to get working
  2. Unreliable
  3. Not reliably reproducible

Therefore, to keep things simple, to keep technical issues to a minimum, and to show how good linux gaming is all by itself, no emulated Windows games.


At the time this was posted, this proposal only included my thoughts on the subject; if you're a member of the NewJerseyTeam, please comment and add to this spec wherever you feel appropriate (please mention your name wherever you make changes or comments).


  • I'm fairly certain that some facility @ RU - New Brunswick would be suitable. It's easily accessible via pub transportation, and should have the resources that we need. Maybe a RUSLUG member can speak to this, as i'm no longer at school. - Vik


  • I'm not very familiar with this, but i think FOSS games are the best idea. But maybe have a someone who can demo WoW or CS or something, just to show that it "is" possible. - Vik


  • I'd be more than happy to help test out and trouble shoot issues. Just let me know what games/how we're going about this. - Vik

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