Dec 07 20:23:07 * ecorrado (n=ecorrado@pool-151-204-30-118.pskn.east.verizon.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nj

Dec 07 20:25:11 <Joe_CoT> hello

Dec 07 20:26:27 <Grarg> hey, I lied, can be here for the meeting

Dec 07 20:27:00 <Joe_CoT> haha, okay

Dec 07 20:27:19 <Joe_CoT> i need to reformat my mom's pc, but i'll be back in just a minute

Dec 07 20:28:22 <Joe_CoT> okay, here Smile :)

Dec 07 20:29:20 <Grarg> Glooba's from Newark/NJIT area, right?

Dec 07 20:29:34 * vtec (n=vtec@c-68-45-173-136.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nj

Dec 07 20:29:51 <Joe_CoT> yeah, he goes to school with me

Dec 07 20:30:07 <Joe_CoT> he's finishing is CS project, so he might not be very talkative

Dec 07 20:30:18 * anschel (n=anschel@h-67-101-192-95.nycmny83.dynamic.covad.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nj

Dec 07 20:30:54 <Joe_CoT> hello

Dec 07 20:31:12 <vtec> hello everyone

Dec 07 20:31:23 <Grarg> hello

Dec 07 20:32:08 <Joe_CoT> alright, let me just make sure i'm logging this, and ... okay, let's start Big Grin :)

Dec 07 20:32:39 <Joe_CoT> okay, so has everyone has a chance to take a look at the wiki pages?

Dec 07 20:32:43 <Joe_CoT> *had

Dec 07 20:33:12 <Grarg> where's the wiki?

Dec 07 20:33:26 <Joe_CoT> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewJerseyTeam

Dec 07 20:34:22 <Joe_CoT> two main things of note are the linux lan party proposal, and the team poster. Other than that, I'm looking for ideas from you guys.

Dec 07 20:35:08 * anschel has quit ("Leaving")

Dec 07 20:35:28 <Joe_CoT> lol, that was quick Smile :)

Dec 07 20:35:57 * anschel (n=anschel@h-67-101-192-95.nycmny83.dynamic.covad.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nj

Dec 07 20:36:02 <Joe_CoT> wb

Dec 07 20:36:10 <Grarg> have you had any contact with the lugs besides the Rutgers lug?

Dec 07 20:36:38 <Joe_CoT> not yet. The rutgers one thus far has been the easiest to contact by far Wink ;)

Dec 07 20:36:50 <Joe_CoT> Og suggested today contacting the MySQL user group

Dec 07 20:36:56 <anschel> hey where is everyone located anyway

Dec 07 20:36:59 <anschel> ?

Dec 07 20:37:09 <anschel> NJ is rather big

Dec 07 20:37:20 <Glooba> i got to school with Joe_CoT

Dec 07 20:37:25 <Joe_CoT> Myself, I live in Cherry Hill, I work in Freehold, and I go to school in Newark. So I'm all over the place

Dec 07 20:37:38 <anschel> and it would be great to organize installfests etc

Dec 07 20:37:44 <anschel> I'm in Jersey City

Dec 07 20:37:57 <Glooba> well if you want more info Smile :) like Joe_CoT over there

Dec 07 20:37:57 <vtec> I'm in Hadden Heights.. South Jersey

Dec 07 20:37:58 <Grarg> I think I'm representing New Brunswick / Rutgers this evening

Dec 07 20:38:04 <Glooba> Live in maplewood, worked in North bergen

Dec 07 20:38:11 <Joe_CoT> vtec: so you're around 5 minutes away Smile :)

Dec 07 20:38:18 * ecorrado is in Allentown NJ, (near Trenton) work at TCNJ, and am president of LUG/IP

Dec 07 20:39:25 <Joe_CoT> anyway, the important thing is not necessarily where you all live (I'm sure we can all muster up a trip to wherever in NJ if necessary), but what you guys want to do. anschel expressed interest in install-fests. What other activities?

Dec 07 20:40:24 <Glooba> Joe_CoT recently amongst the honors college we got a fairly large number of people interested

Dec 07 20:40:47 <Glooba> mainly by them seeing the performance of things like beryl. Perhaps we should setup demonstrations of the cababilities of linux

Dec 07 20:40:53 <Glooba> workshops how-to's etc

Dec 07 20:41:03 <Joe_CoT> There's certainly linux shows in various different parts of the state over the course of the year. OgMaciel is going to be forwarding information about an expo in April in Trenton

Dec 07 20:41:03 <Glooba> the interest seems to be there just not the know-how

Dec 07 20:41:19 <Glooba> maybe something a bit closer

Dec 07 20:41:22 <Glooba> with njit and rutgers?

Dec 07 20:41:37 <Glooba> you have more contact with rutgers new brunswick tho correct?

Dec 07 20:42:18 <Joe_CoT> Glooba: if you look at the linux lan party, that's a main point of it. It could be attended by both njit and rutgers people (as well as others), and would be a good time to show off what linux can do

Dec 07 20:42:52 <Glooba> i was thinking more specialized

Dec 07 20:42:53 <Glooba> but ok

Dec 07 20:43:04 <anschel> Anyone in hudson or bergen county? I'm a minor and my parents don't love driving me random places

Dec 07 20:43:28 <Grarg> perhaps see if you can get an audience at various schools to demo ubuntu to the populace

Dec 07 20:44:00 <vtec> i'm not sure i understand the whole lan party idea... games going seem to be linux's strongest point

Dec 07 20:44:14 <vtec> don't semm to be

Dec 07 20:44:52 <Grarg> vtec, that's a common opinion

Dec 07 20:45:01 <Grarg> which is why a lan party is a good idea

Dec 07 20:45:05 <Grarg> because you can game on linux

Dec 07 20:45:13 <anschel> help what's a lan party?

Dec 07 20:45:49 <anschel> forgive my ignorance

Dec 07 20:45:56 <Grarg> everyone brings their PC to one location, plugs into the network, and generally games

Dec 07 20:46:13 <Grarg> though it's a good time for demonstrations and such also

Dec 07 20:46:41 <Joe_CoT> yeah. It would be games you can play on windows AND linux, so anyone could come, and we'd get to show off

Dec 07 20:46:56 <Grarg> what about games for just linux?

Dec 07 20:47:02 <anschel> networked Frozen Bubble!!!!

Dec 07 20:47:17 <anschel> I've always wanted to play that against people I can see

Dec 07 20:47:19 <Joe_CoT> Grarg: almost all games that work for linux have a windows port. If there isn't one, oh well.

Dec 07 20:47:20 <Grarg> I don't know if BZFlag comes in a windows variety

Dec 07 20:47:43 <Grarg> nm, it does

Dec 07 20:47:45 <Joe_CoT> i know games like sauerbraten and enemy territory certainly have windows versions

Dec 07 20:48:12 <Joe_CoT> which is the thing: if it runs on linux, it can generally work on windows with minor adjustments. just not the other way around.

Dec 07 20:48:21 <Glooba> if you want something higher end

Dec 07 20:48:23 <anschel> "While originally developed for SGI computers running IRIX, the game has been ported to Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, Solaris, and other platforms." --Wikipedia

Dec 07 20:48:29 <Glooba> you could go for americas army which i think does linux

Dec 07 20:48:32 <anschel> BZFlag that is

Dec 07 20:48:35 <Glooba> or even demo WOW running under wine

Dec 07 20:48:49 <Glooba> games like tremulous and nexiuz are very pretty to look at

Dec 07 20:48:50 <Grarg> Glooba, AA has a linux version, but it's not the most up to date

Dec 07 20:48:53 <Glooba> may draw alot of people in

Dec 07 20:48:56 <Joe_CoT> Glooba: i'd like to keep away from non-free games. there's plenty of open-source stuff out there

Dec 07 20:48:57 <Glooba> ah ok Grarg

Dec 07 20:48:58 <anschel> don't want to pay for WOW

Dec 07 20:49:10 <Joe_CoT> read the wiki page, i talk about that for quite a bit

Dec 07 20:49:17 <Glooba> i dont want to even touch WOW to be honest

Dec 07 20:49:26 <Glooba> but as a demonstration piece it could be quite influential

Dec 07 20:49:30 <Grarg> a lan party is not something where you're going to get people who've never heard of linux

Dec 07 20:49:44 <Grarg> perhaps never used

Dec 07 20:49:50 <Glooba> im not so sure of that

Dec 07 20:49:58 <Joe_CoT> Grarg: correct. So it's an idea, but not the only one. what other ideas would you guys suggest?

Dec 07 20:50:07 <Joe_CoT> and could you add them to the wiki? Big Grin :)

Dec 07 20:50:14 <anschel> Everyone loves beryl

Dec 07 20:50:38 <anschel> my windows friends hate me for using it when they're aroung

Dec 07 20:50:42 <anschel> *around

Dec 07 20:50:43 <Joe_CoT> anschel: yes, when it works Wink ;)

Dec 07 20:50:56 <anschel> it's really not as hard as everyone says

Dec 07 20:51:04 <Grarg> what is beryl?

Dec 07 20:51:08 <anschel> a good tutorial on the UDSF

Dec 07 20:51:11 <anschel> one sec

Dec 07 20:51:13 <Joe_CoT> that's a big problem. running windows games in wine is impressive. running beryl is impressive. but it doesn't work for every machine

Dec 07 20:51:27 <Grarg> ah compiz

Dec 07 20:51:32 <Joe_CoT> Grarg: a window manager with 3d effects. fork of compiz

Dec 07 20:51:36 <anschel> http://doc.gwos.org/index.php/BerylOnEdgy

Dec 07 20:51:56 <anschel> it works (all taken from Ubuntu forums) and it's easy

Dec 07 20:52:34 <Grarg> anschel, it's very hardware dependant, and can do some very crazy things if it's not quite right

Dec 07 20:52:50 <Joe_CoT> anschel: that's debatable. once again, more focus on events than ... stuff Smile :)

Dec 07 20:53:27 <anschel> Mark Shuttleworth said it and it's true: raw beauty is more powerful than "features"

Dec 07 20:53:44 <anschel> showing off is the only way to win users

Dec 07 20:53:48 <Joe_CoT> but we can't demo it until the support's there.

Dec 07 20:54:10 <Joe_CoT> After feisty comes out with beryl built in? sure. but not when the only method is a few shady how-tos

Dec 07 20:54:32 <vtec> well it can always be a future demo... it should be in feisty

Dec 07 20:54:36 <Grarg> at the rutgers lug, we usually have a compiz laptop set up at the activities fair table during the big recruitment thing here

Dec 07 20:54:47 <Grarg> people do love it, and it's a fun demo

Dec 07 20:55:04 <Grarg> and it all goes well until they ask "how do I get that on my machine?"

Dec 07 20:55:21 <Joe_CoT> yeah, it well outstrips aqua, that's for sure. But if we did such a thing, i'd clearly note it as 'the future'

Dec 07 20:55:23 <anschel> Hey this just occured to me, what about providing telephone or maybe even local support for NJ Ubuntu users

Dec 07 20:55:28 <vtec> i know a hardcore mac guy that drools over it...

Dec 07 20:55:45 <anschel> vtec: hi hi :P

Dec 07 20:56:17 <Joe_CoT> Grarg: do you know of any upcoming linux or computer shows we could represent ubuntu at?

Dec 07 20:56:32 <anschel> It wouldn't be hard and we'd have more users if we said "we'll help you with your (few) problems"

Dec 07 20:56:38 <Grarg> mainly TCF, which Og already mentioned to you

Dec 07 20:56:55 <Joe_CoT> yeah. that's kinda far away, but i'd like to plan on being there

Dec 07 20:57:11 <anschel> I can't go that far

Dec 07 20:57:13 <anschel> sorry

Dec 07 20:57:19 <Grarg> I know a few people from RUSLUG go

Dec 07 20:57:26 <Grarg> I think LUG/IP goes too

Dec 07 20:57:31 <Grarg> ecorrado, thoughts?

Dec 07 20:57:54 <Joe_CoT> any upcoming rutgers stuff? I'd also like that table idea. Maybe Glooba and I could try that at njit next semester

Dec 07 20:58:00 <ecorrado> LUG/IP has had a presence at TCF the last few years and probably will this year as well

Dec 07 20:58:12 <Grarg> I've never been myself

Dec 07 20:58:21 <Grarg> Rutgers is closing down for the semester real fast

Dec 07 20:58:25 <ecorrado> we usually invite other lugs to join us and hand our linux cds

Dec 07 20:58:38 <ecorrado> and demo linux on laptops

Dec 07 20:58:57 <ecorrado> so if the ubunto-nj folks want to join us, they can demo ubuntu

Dec 07 21:00:04 <Joe_CoT> cool.

Dec 07 21:00:06 * ericr (n=ericr@ruslug.rutgers.edu) has joined #ubuntu-us-nj

Dec 07 21:00:12 <Joe_CoT> :sigh: that's still in april, though

Dec 07 21:00:31 <Grarg> how's the turnout for TCF?

Dec 07 21:00:32 * cf (n=rzinkov@ruslug.rutgers.edu) has joined #ubuntu-us-nj

Dec 07 21:01:08 <Joe_CoT> hey there

Dec 07 21:01:10 <ecorrado> they get a lot of people,

Dec 07 21:01:15 <cf> hey

Dec 07 21:01:26 <cf> hu?

Dec 07 21:01:37 <Grarg> we're presently discussing TCF

Dec 07 21:01:43 <ecorrado> we have done really good with handing out CDs and have gotten a few new members although moost people aren't all that interested

Dec 07 21:02:07 <Grarg> more tables/people/laptops can't hurt I would imagine

Dec 07 21:02:13 <cf> oh yes but we need to be in an area with high traffic flow

Dec 07 21:02:18 <ecorrado> we have been able to get a free table in the non-profit area the last few years so the costs are low

Dec 07 21:02:40 <ecorrado> traffic isn't too much of a prob;em if they put you on the floor

Dec 07 21:02:40 <cf> last time we were a bit out of the way located

Dec 07 21:03:15 <ecorrado> I didn't make it last year, but people that did said we had a bad spot on Saturday, but Sunday they did better

Dec 07 21:03:34 <ecorrado> but I think the main problem last year was the weather

Dec 07 21:03:44 <cf> oh yeah rain

Dec 07 21:03:54 <cf> but still being on the floor is ideal

Dec 07 21:04:30 <Joe_CoT> only problem with the TCF is that, yeah, linux is probably as saturated as it's going to get for most attendants. if they were going to use it, they probably already are, i imagine

Dec 07 21:04:32 <ecorrado> the whole TCF did poorly..... they also had new leadership for the computer show part which, I think, led to less advertising

Dec 07 21:05:17 <ecorrado> Joe_CoT: I'm not so sure.....

Dec 07 21:05:33 <vtec> whats TCF again??

Dec 07 21:05:37 <ecorrado> I still think a lot of people have heard of linux (or ubuntu) but haven't tried it yet

Dec 07 21:05:47 <ecorrado> TCF = Trenton Computer Festival

Dec 07 21:05:51 <Joe_CoT> ecorrado: that's what i'd imagine, but i could definately be wrong. haven't been there yet

Dec 07 21:05:56 <anschel> Joe_CoT: Definitely agree. we need to market non-computer-people

Dec 07 21:06:27 <Joe_CoT> what i want to know is, how /do/ we market non-technical people? people who don't go to computer shows, or user groups, or lan parties

Dec 07 21:06:38 <ecorrado> Joe_CoT: if you are expecting to convert 150 windows users, you won't be succesful, but sometimes thinking small is more productive

Dec 07 21:07:12 <Grarg> your first target is your friends

Dec 07 21:07:18 <Grarg> and math majors

Dec 07 21:07:22 <anschel> neighbors

Dec 07 21:07:23 <Grarg> and physics majors

Dec 07 21:07:24 <ecorrado> if you can get 15 prople to try a bootable version of ubuntu, maybe 5 will end up installing it. I see that as worth a few hours of my life

Dec 07 21:07:25 <Grarg> and so on

Dec 07 21:07:35 <Grarg> people who have played with linux

Dec 07 21:07:45 <Grarg> get them to actually make the switch

Dec 07 21:07:56 <Grarg> then they'll start pushing their friends

Dec 07 21:08:10 <Grarg> eventually the non-technical people get caught up in it too

Dec 07 21:08:23 <anschel> especially people w/o wifi linux requires less installation for ethernet-besed internet than windows

Dec 07 21:08:44 <anschel> my grandmother for example has booted edgy fr. CD no problem

Dec 07 21:09:07 <cf> its worth a try

Dec 07 21:09:20 <anschel> walk people through cd booting

Dec 07 21:09:39 <Joe_CoT> good advice, but ... events. the point of the group is to organize events and represent at current ones.

Dec 07 21:09:43 <anschel> if they do that they see firefox, openoffice, it's all really home territory

Dec 07 21:11:47 <Grarg> right

Dec 07 21:13:00 <Grarg> this is why you invite your friends to the lanfest

Dec 07 21:13:06 <Joe_CoT> thing is, the point of a LoCo team isn't the same as a lug. The entire point is to work on projects, and organize opportunities for advocacy. _That's_ what I'm looking for ideas for, and to see what we can collaborate on.

Dec 07 21:13:51 <anschel> sorry when is the lanfest

Dec 07 21:13:54 <anschel> ?

Dec 07 21:14:20 <Joe_CoT> no set date. it's an "idea". It doesn't even need to be a project we decide to do

Dec 07 21:14:45 <Joe_CoT> but we need to work on _something_ Smile :)

Dec 07 21:20:29 <cf> ubuntu bounties?

Dec 07 21:20:38 <Joe_CoT> hmm?

Dec 07 21:21:40 <Glooba> how about a vnc server on a ubuntu box somewhere

Dec 07 21:21:46 <Glooba> we can invite people to log in and mess around with it

Dec 07 21:21:59 <Glooba> we still have the problem of intruducing them

Dec 07 21:22:11 <Glooba> Joe_CoT or houw about we have some fun exploiting allstudents_ccs ?

Dec 07 21:22:39 <Joe_CoT> glooba: lol

Dec 07 21:22:58 <Joe_CoT> vnc doesn't sound like such a bad idea. i don't know where we'd host it, though

Dec 07 21:23:31 <Glooba> if our target is njit residents

Dec 07 21:23:34 <Glooba> maybe in your doorm

Dec 07 21:23:37 <Glooba> dorm*

Dec 07 21:23:49 <Glooba> the commuters are a different story tho

Dec 07 21:23:57 <Joe_CoT> well, not just njit students, that's the thing

Dec 07 21:24:01 <Glooba> yeah

Dec 07 21:24:36 <Joe_CoT> if we only target njit, we'd basically just be making an njit group, which isn't the point. the point is that njit people might be interested in the loco team

Dec 07 21:26:54 <Joe_CoT> okay, so it looks like discussions wound down a bit. do we want to think about it, and talk about it on the wiki/forum later?

Dec 07 21:27:18 <anschel> yeah...

Dec 07 21:27:38 <Joe_CoT> Alright, well, so everyone's on the same page:

Dec 07 21:27:54 <anschel> just everyone talk to your friends and relatives about ubuntu some of them will do something

Dec 07 21:28:34 <Joe_CoT> The wiki page is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewJerseyTeam the forum is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=185

Dec 07 21:28:50 <Joe_CoT> so if you've got things to add, add them, and if you have more ideas, bring them on too Smile :)

Dec 07 21:29:11 <Grarg> livecd for the lanfest?

Dec 07 21:29:20 <Grarg> perhaps with the games on it?

Dec 07 21:29:45 <Grarg> something like gamesknoppix, but with ubuntu

Dec 07 21:30:04 <vtec> does anything like that exist now

Dec 07 21:30:10 <Joe_CoT> maybe. are people interested in the lan idea? to make it work, it's gonna require us packaging most of the games

Dec 07 21:30:27 <anschel> I'll do the gruntwork if necessary but someone has to point me to sources, howtos, scripts, etc

Dec 07 21:32:42 <anschel> anyone?

Dec 07 21:33:03 <Joe_CoT> if we decide we're going that route, we'll talk about it

Dec 07 21:33:28 <Joe_CoT> for the most part, packaging isn't that bad. the hard part is figuring out all the dependencies, and testing the packages

Dec 07 21:34:07 <anschel> well, put it on the forum or mailing list if you need help

Dec 07 21:34:11 <anschel> I need to leave now

Dec 07 21:34:16 * anschel has quit ("Leaving")

Dec 07 21:37:12 * ecorrado is now known as edc_zzz

Dec 07 21:38:42 <Joe_CoT> alright, guess that's it for now. see you guys on the forums

Dec 07 21:38:47 >ChanServ< op #ubuntu-us-nj Joe_CoT

Dec 07 21:38:48 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Joe_CoT

Dec 07 21:39:04 * Joe_CoT has changed the topic to: Ubuntu New Jersey LoCo Team chat.

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