Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)


If you want to add anything else to the agenda, please feel free!


Members Present

  • Doomcat
  • dthomasdigital
  • gcleric
  • genfool
  • khenneth_
  • mneptok
  • protonchris
  • tritium
  • jimrz
  • sonicsounds
  • dubaaron


Meeting started at 8:05pn by tritium

Topics Discussed

  • The New Mexico Ubuntu LoCo now has accounts on Twitter and identi.ca account names on the Ubuntu wiki microblogging list. Want to be a micoblogger for the group? Contact David Thomas dthomas@ubuntu.com for account details.

gclerc and sonicsounds have stepped up to be the offical microbloggers for the loco, but any LoCo member can just Contact David Thomas dthomas@ubuntu.com for account details.

  • Adding notifications for the EPC Mesh Network, we could create an account say on gmail and add it to the LoCo mailing list.

Moved to next weeks agenda

Anyone that can make it will try and be there

  • Proposal by the two currently listed LoCo "contacts" (Mike and Dave) for the formation of the NM LoCo council, to assume the role of decision-making and leadership for the LoCo, as a team. Nominations for the council:

    • tritium
    • dthomasdigital
    • protonchris
    • gcleric
    • jimrz

A vote was put forth to start a New Mexico governing council. All that where nominated where voted in. This council will help with the guidance and direction of the New Mexico LoCo as well as deal with any offical business or outside organizations.

All council members should make themselves familiar with the Debian Voting System

We have decided to take mneptok up on his request and will be using birdhouse as our website host. Protonchris will be the official contact.

Some info on Drupal was discussed.

  • tritium would like to nominate Doomcat the official Scratch and game developer of the NM LoCo

Doomcat is now the official game developer for the New Mexico LoCo. He is working on a Demo animation in scratch.

We voted to change the reply-to to go to the mailing list and no the person sending the mail

Just an info item to make people in the meeting aware the global Bug Jam is going on this weekend.

  • Another project in the making.

genfool brought another project to our attention, he and gcleric will be the main contact and we will have more information next week.

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