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Intrepid Ibex Release Party

The release date is the 30th but scheduling it at a later date will get us past Halloween and let us get some copies burned.

Intrepid Ibex release Party November 8th, 2008 from 6:00pm till 9:00pm

At the Downtown Flying Star, Albuquerque New Mexico go here for directions.

Hey Add your name to this page if you're coming.

  • David Thomas (dthomasdigital)
  • Adam Thomas (adamcat)
  • Chris Brotherton (protonchris)
  • Eric Krieger (gcleric)
  • Andrew Parker (Source3)
  • Kenneth Elmshaeuser (kenneth)
  • Jim Riordan (jimrz)
  • Beau Bechdol (nxion)
  • Michael Rimbert (tritium)

The party went off with out a hitch. A big thanks to Chris Brotherton getting all the details together and making sure everything was reserved and payed for.

We sure did have lots of Linux running gadgets at the party.

Again thanks to all that came and thanks to all those that helped out, see at the next party.

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