Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)


  1. Next face-to-face (with keysigning)
  2. Get ready for release Party
  3. Get ready for Installfest
  4. Discuss EPC Computer Lab.
  5. EPC Computer Lab: Ideas about treating this as sort of a Install Fest?
  6. EPC Computer Lab: Determine a firm date to start EPC Computer Lab.
  7. EPC Computer Lab: Ask for volunteers.
  8. Proposal to change the mailing list so that it automatically denies email sent from addresses that are not subscribed.

If you want to add anything else to the agenda, please feel free!


January, 17th 2008 meeting Minutes

Weekly Meeting of the New Mexico Ubuntu LoCo

Members Present

  • dthomasdigital
  • protonchris
  • gcleric
  • tritium
  • weazzle
  • jimrz
  • weazzle
  • adamcat
  • r2d2rodgers
  • kenneth
  • source3


Meeting called to order by dthomasdigital at 8:00pm MST

Topics Discussed

  • Talked about VOIP useing cell phones as modems
  • Change the time of the face to face meeting to 6:30pm
  • More talk about key signing, and the release party.
  • EPC and how we plan to manage the project
  • Create and SLA (service level agreement" Draft for the EPC project
  • EPC might be used as a meeting place

Assessment of Meeting

Meetings are becoming more detailed and were sticking to the agenda, better organized...

Meeting minutes submitted by David Thomas

Meeting log...

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