Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)


  • Follow-up with protonchris about rss feeds in drupal and aggregate the feed on the team planet - posted by dthomasdigital
  • SFD at cottonwood mall follow-up - posted by dthomasdigital
    • Looks like it can happen at the mall we will have to purchase short term liability insurance $90.00 to $130.00 This is about what we paid last year at UNM gcleric correct me if I'm wrong on that.
  • Does the Ubuntu LoCo want to pool resources and get a booth at New Mexico GNU/LinuxFest much like NMGLUG did. We can talk about in IRC channel #newmexicognulinuxfest if we need to. - posted by dthomasdigital

  • Don't forget EPC August 15th go to the project page here. - posted by dthomasdigital

  • Would be awesome if others posted on the meeting agenda's, updated wiki pages, and added content - posted by well, you know.

If you want to add anything else to the agenda, please feel free!


Members Present

None - agenda moved to next weeks meeting, was a very slow night and we had many important items to be discussed.


Topics Discussed

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