Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)


  • LAN party in April
  • Release party in May
  • Getting our LoCo info to LoCo Community Team for the new directory (dthomasdigital)

  • LinuxFest update

  • EPC "incident" on IRC (#ubuntu) evening of 3/22:

[23:46] <epc1> hello
[23:50] <epc1> hello
[23:50] <epc1> hi im a girl
[23:50] <epc1> hello
[23:50] <sebsebseb> epc1: really???
[23:51] <epc1> anyone want to talk
[23:51] <sebsebseb> epc1: I  think your a boy really
[23:54] <epc1> you guys ever talk
[23:55] <epc1> you guys are stupid
[23:55] <sebsebseb> epc1: no we are amazing
[23:55] <ActionParsnip1> epc1: do you have an ubuntu question?
[23:55] <epc1> you guys are bitches
[23:55] <ActionParsnip1> epc1: are you going to be constructive or are you just here to troll?
[23:55] <sebsebseb> epc1: ah yes I remember being 15
[23:56] <sebsebseb> epc1: years old
[23:56] <epc1> what
[23:56] <epc1> your wierd
[23:56] <ActionParsnip1> epc1: do you have an ubuntu question?
[23:56] <ActionParsnip1> epc1: its YOU'RE weird
[23:56] <epc1> no
[23:56] <ActionParsnip1> epc1: if you must insult, use correct grammar
[23:56] <LjL> epc1, do you have an Ubuntu support question?
[23:57] <John_OAS> epc1, there are far better IRC channels for mindless chat. This is cetainly not the place.
[23:57] <LjL> no? ok
[23:57] *** LjL sets mode: +b *!*@
[23:57] *** epc1 (epc1!n=epc3@ has left #ubuntu (requested by LjL: "You should have known better, bye") 

If you want to add anything else to the agenda, please feel free!

Members Present

  • beanie77
  • ColonelPanik

  • deinerson1
  • dthomasdigital
  • genfool
  • jimrz
  • mneptok
  • nick 125
  • protonchris
  • tritium
  • wazzle


Meeting started at 8:00pm by tritium

Topics Discussed

<dthomasdigital> what a night ho folks
* Received a CTCP VERSION from freenode-connect
<genfool> hello
<jimrz> good evening dthomasdigital
<tritium> Hi dthomasdigital.
<tritium> We just covered [1] LAN party in April.  That's all you've missed.
<dthomasdigital> HI guys sorry I'm late very crazy day
<tritium> No worries.
<protonchris> We need to decide on a location for the Party.
<tritium> Chuck E Cheese, anyone?
<jimrz> -14
<dthomasdigital> tritium lol
<tritium> :)
<protonchris> Suggestions?
<genfool> I assume wireless is a plus, or is it a must?
<ColonelPanik> Come to Portales?
<jimrz> pretty much a must
<dthomasdigital> Hey jimrz thought this was your pick?
<dthomasdigital> ColonelPanik I'll come that's close to me
<jimrz> no, said would make the arrangements once we had a consensus on location
<ColonelPanik> How close?
<dthomasdigital> I'm on the far side of Rio Rancho, so not that close it's a joke.
* tritium responds to jimrz's -14 with +∞
<protonchris> Well, we have had good luck with Flying Star in the past.
<jimrz> agreed
<dthomasdigital> Very true
<dthomasdigital> Which one now
<protonchris> Last time we were downtown.
<dthomasdigital> Hey folks the LAN party any details so I can update the wiki?
<tritium> dthomasdigital: April 11 at EPC, after 10 a.m.
<tritium> deinerson1 reserved the library and patio
<genfool> youre bringing coffee :)
<dthomasdigital> Do we want to try Coralis again?
<dthomasdigital> Hey I can do that
<protonchris> If we want a meeting hospitality room, our choices are downtown or corrales.
<jimrz> Corales was nice
<tritium> I like Corrales as well.
<dthomasdigital> Me too
<genfool> +1
<protonchris> +1 for corrales
<jimrz> +1
<beanie77> Corrales is good with me, what happens at the party?
<dthomasdigital> Lots of talks, I bum beer if tritium
<dthomasdigital> off trytium
<protonchris> beanie77: Just a social get together.
<dthomasdigital> trituum
<tritium> beanie77: we often bring newly burned CDs of the latest release, and can help people install it if they like
<tritium> dthomasdigital: use tab-completion :D
<dthomasdigital> I also bring tons of stickers case badges, what ever I can get my hands on...
<dthomasdigital> speaking of case badges my shinny new metal ones came in they rock
<jimrz> :)
<tritium> We typically rent the hospitality room, sometimes demo our latest projects, talk about plans, etc.
<tritium> dthomasdigital: yeah?  Good deal.  Speaking of those, that company is willing to give discounts to LoCos for bulk orders.
<dthomasdigital> I will have a surprise door prize this party too, it's cool.
<tritium> Cool.
<protonchris> Ok.  We should probably talk about a date and time for the party.
<tritium> Assuming jaunty is released on time, the 24th or 25th (Friday or Saturday) would be good choices.
<tritium> Release is set for 4/23.
<protonchris> Unfortunately, the end of April is really busy for me.
<tritium> Me too.
<jimrz> I believe that last week there were several others also mentioned end of April was bad
<jimrz> what about the following week May 1 or 2?
<dthomasdigital> I have us down as May
<protonchris> That works for me.
<tritium> I'll likely abstain from voting on any decisions regarding [2], with the baby coming sometime in the next 7 weeks or so.
<dthomasdigital> tritium aaaawwwhhhhh
<tritium> Yeah, sorry.  Don't count on me being there.
<genfool> The baby could be delivered at the party, if we knew the delivery date :)
<dthomasdigital> +1 for Early May at the  Corrales Flying star
<protonchris> +1
<genfool> +1
<dthomasdigital> May 2nd?
<beanie77> +1
<jimrz> +1, will get with them on reserving the room
<genfool> I'm open
<protonchris> +1
<tritium> Sounds good.
<jimrz> do we prefer Fri or Sat eve?
<dthomasdigital> I like Sat but I'm good on Fri day too
<protonchris> either works for me
<genfool> prefer sat.
<dthomasdigital> +1 the 2nd
<jimrz> will get their availability and advise
<genfool> :)
<jimrz> looks like Sat better if avail
<tritium> Thanks, jimrz.
<dthomasdigital> I'll list May 2nd on the wiki and change it if we change the date.
<tritium> OK, moving on, [3] Getting our LoCo info to LoCo Community Team for the new directory
<tritium> I've already volunteered to do this.  I just haven
<tritium> 't sent the email yet.
<tritium> I'll get that done this evening.
<jimrz> Thanks, tritium
<dthomasdigital> cool thanks tritium for that and Jimrz for the release party stuff
<tritium> No worries.
<tritium> dthomasdigital: will you discuss [4] LinuxFest ( update?
<dthomasdigital> Sure
<genfool> jimrz,  If I can help, email me . Glad to pitch in.
<dthomasdigital> Wow lots going on, we have started to get speaker proposals and will have those listed this weekend
<dthomasdigital> Ton more people registering.
<dthomasdigital> The good news is a few pledges to sponsor.
<dthomasdigital> Now to talk to the Ubuntu folks cause the fedora folks are gearing up to do allot.
<dthomasdigital> Suse will be there as well.
<genfool> dthomasdigital,  thats great!
<jimrz> +1
<dthomasdigital> We are having a board meeting on Saturday and I'm hoping that kicks it off in a big way.
<protonchris> Very cool.
<tritium> dthomasdigital: there are a few Ubuntu and Canonical folks we should consider inviting.
<dthomasdigital> The talks that source3 has put together is amazing
<tritium> I have a few names in mind.  We can discuss at the meeting.
<dthomasdigital> I've invited Jono for the keynote and he really is thinking about it. Keep you fingers crossed.
<tritium> Good.
<ColonelPanik> Send me some press releases for the ENMU paper.
<dthomasdigital> Perfect ColonelPanik I sure will
<dthomasdigital> Oh and if you have not registered please do so
<tritium> OK.  Final agenda item: [5] EPC "incident" on IRC (#ubuntu) evening of 3/22:
<dthomasdigital> What happened?
<tritium> Please see the agenda page for the IRC logs from #ubuntu
<deinerson1> We have about 3 young teenagers that frequent the library, it could have been one of them (?)
<dthomasdigital> ouch
<tritium> The full logs are available.
<tritium> !logs
<ubot3> Official channel logs can be found at - For LoCo channels,
<dthomasdigital> glad we log
<tritium> I've grepped the logs for "epc1", and pasted only the relevant portion of the logs on the agenda page.
<tritium> deinerson1: yes, we know her name.
<tritium> It was Ashli Begay.
<dthomasdigital> Very frowned upon
<genfool> Can or should we put more effort to...... help her?
<tritium> dthomasdigital: yes, we (#ubuntu-us-nm) log, but this was the main ubuntu support channel (#ubuntu), which is even worse
<tritium> genfool: she wasn't here for help or support.  She wanted to chat.
<deinerson1> Ah, yes, I know Ashli - she's about 13ish I would guess. Would you like me to speak to her about this. I could gently suggest proper etiquette.
<tritium> As you may notice, there is a ban in place in #ubuntu now for EPC's IP.
<dthomasdigital> I know, I'm pretty put off by this with all the EPC press we have been getting.
<tritium> deinerson1: I'm not sure what the appropriate approach is to take at EPC.
<protonchris> I say we leave the ban in place and then change the autologin channels for the epc computers at the lan party.
<tritium> As for IRC, the ban in #ubuntu is still in place, so she can't get in there and cause trouble.
<tritium> I'm a channel operator in #ubuntu, so I can make sure the ban remains in place.
<tritium> In addition, we may want to reconfigure X-Chat on the EPC machines to *not* auto-join #ubuntu
<deinerson1> tritium: ok
<dthomasdigital> Good idea protonchris and very glad tritium has some connections.
<protonchris> dthomasdigital: Well the idea wasn't only mine.  We talked about it in here after it happened.
<dthomasdigital> oh, man I got  to stay logged in more.
<tritium> deinerson1: what are the rules at EPC regarding kids using the machines?
<ColonelPanik> What is EPC
<tritium> ColonelPanik: we've done a lot of volunteer work there.  See above for all the details.
<deinerson1> The 3 that come in regularly are actually pretty good kids. They play games, web surf myspace, and the like. We have a lock on the door, but those 3 have been so good we let them have the combo.
<tritium> I don't feel it's my place to say how EPC handles the situation internally.  We can take implement some administrative controls on the IRC side, as necessary.
<deinerson1> Their probably in there right now. I will alert epc staff about this and maybe we could have one of the women staff speak to her about it.
<tritium> deinerson1: possibly so.  Someone, possibly Ashli, was on epc8 this evening, just before the meeting.
<tritium> Thanks, deinerson1.
<tritium> That covers the agenda.  What else?
<deinerson1> Well, let me know if there is anything I can do. I will bring this up to EPC staff and let them decide. So far, EPC has had very mixed attitudes about children in the library. It worries staff, because there is no one to keep an eye on them.
<protonchris> deinerson1: thanks.
<dthomasdigital> Hey guys I got got to go leaving on a small road trip I'll be back Friday
<tritium> deinerson1: likewise, let us know if there are any controls you'd like us to put in place
<beanie77> My new ubuntu install only boots to grub. What do I do now
<protonchris> dthomasdigital: Have fun.
<tritium> dthomasdigital: have a safe trip.  Enjoy.
<jimrz> dthomasdigital: good night and have a good trip

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