Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)


If you want to add anything else to the agenda, please feel free!

  • Update on hosting

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19:59 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> howdy
20:00 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> protonchris: got weekend plans?
20:00 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> mneptok: I might have something Saturday night, but Sunday is wide open
20:01 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> protonchris: so let's build the Focus Ink box on Sunday if tritium is available.
20:01 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> Sounds good.
20:01 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> the parts are here. i can pick them up on Friday and deliver the completed machine on Monday
20:01 #ubuntu-us-nm: < nick125> mneptok: What are you guys building again?
20:01 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> well, the parts are "here" at Focus Ink ;)
20:01 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> nick125: NAS server
20:02 #ubuntu-us-nm: < nick125> mneptok: Ah. Did you guys decide on the distro you were going to use. I remember you were debating between FreeNAS and OpenFiler.
20:02 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> nick125: haven't heard a strong opinion one way or t'other
20:02 #ubuntu-us-nm: < nick125> *Did you guys decide on the distro you were going to use?
20:03 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> i'm leaning toward FreeNAS, as the web UI seems far more intuitive
20:04 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> Plus it has zfs ;)
20:04 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> that's noce, although the hardware RAID card sorts mitigates the need for it to some extent
20:04 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> *nice
20:04 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> Ah.  True.  I forgot that the box has hardware raid.
20:05 #ubuntu-us-nm:  * nick125 has never liked HW RAID...
20:05 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> nick125: ever used *real* hardware RAID?
20:05 #ubuntu-us-nm: < nick125> mneptok: Too poor, so no.
20:05 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> i.e. not embedded crap Highpoint controllers on the consumer-grade mobo ;)
20:05 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> nick125: then your hatred is 100% understandable.
20:06 #ubuntu-us-nm: < nick125> I can buy a lot of CPU power and RAM for the $500 for a real RAID card.
20:06 #ubuntu-us-nm:  * mneptok has similat hate for similar stuff
20:06 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> I have used some 3ware cards.
20:06 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> but that is about it.
20:06 #ubuntu-us-nm: < nick125> I have a friend that works with a lot of high-end hardware. Even he uses software RAID.
20:07 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok>
20:08 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> if you spend $ on the hardware controller, you can buy a cheap CPU in a NAS box.
20:08 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> and indeed, this NAS server will have a Sempron
20:10 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> Well, should we get started?
20:10 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> i need to toddle off and make dinner.
20:11 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris>
20:11 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> protonchris: see what trit's schedule is for Sunday f he pops in? otherwise, i'll phone him tomorrow or Thursday.
20:11 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> mneptok: Ok.  I can ask him at work tomorrow as well.
20:11 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> feel free to invite yourselves here. or invite me somewhare.
20:11 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> *where
20:11 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> Looks like we only have one agenda item and it is mine.
20:12 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> mneptok: Sounds good.
20:12 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> My agenda item is:
20:12 #ubuntu-us-nm: < mneptok> yes, we think you're sexy. meeting adjourned.
20:12 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> <dramatic pause>
20:12 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> This has got to be one of our best meetings ever.
20:13 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> Item #1: Update on hosting
20:13 #ubuntu-us-nm: < nick125> /o\
20:13 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> Well, birdhouse really doesn't want to enable ssl in their php install.
20:13 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> So our choices are to move to different hosting or not use openid/launchpad.
20:14 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> Anyone have an opinion?
20:16 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> I am going to assume that the silence means that you don't care, but do want to give protonchris suitcases full of money ;)
20:19 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> Ok, then.  Any other business?
20:20 #ubuntu-us-nm:  * protonchris is beginning to think that he is talking to himself.
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20:20 #ubuntu-us-nm: < nick125> *crickets*
20:21 #ubuntu-us-nm: < deinerson1> it seems: moving to a new server sounds like a fair bit of work compared with the acceptance of drupal native login
20:22 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> deinerson1: true.  It would be more work, but not too much since we don't have any content on there yet.
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20:22 #ubuntu-us-nm: < deinerson1> good point about the content
20:22 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> Our other choice is hosting through canonical, but we were concerned with how long it might take to get support if there is a problem.
20:24 #ubuntu-us-nm: < protonchris> Well, we can table that item until next week.  Anything else?
20:24 #ubuntu-us-nm: < nick125> haha
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