Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)


  • Software Freedom Day 2009 is coming up (We are officially registered now) This will be our 3rd year to have a team. We really need to have a high traffic area this year. Let's form a team. - Posted by dthomasdigital
  • Who would like to man the Ubuntu table at the New Mexico LinuxFest time to start thinking of ideas and supplies needed. - Posted by dthomasdigital

  • Beta Test for official LoCo game Linux Portal - Posted by doomcat

If you want to add anything else to the agenda, please feel free!

Members Present

  • dthomasdigital
  • doomcat
  • jimrz
  • CornelPanik

  • gcleric
  • kenneth
  • tritium


Meeting was called to order at 8:15pm by dthomasdigital

Topics Discussed

<dthomasdigital> Ready to start
<jimrz> +1
<doomcat> +1
<dthomasdigital> I have a signed up for an official team again this year for software freedom day.
<jimrz> cool...need to figure a really good location this year
<dthomasdigital> we got to get a better location this year.
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: not mention get the word out early.
<dthomasdigital> I'll contact cotton wood mall int he next few days and get some info
<dthomasdigital> Yes much more advertising this year
<jimrz> si
<dthomasdigital> I'll start a project page on the wiki
<doomcat> good idea
<ColonelPanik>  This?
<dthomasdigital> yes
<ColonelPanik> Thats the day I am doing Lindependence in Portales, NM
<jimrz> nice timing
<ColonelPanik> I will wrap the two together and make it real!
<jimrz> this year,s is Sept 19
<dthomasdigital> ColonelPanik I'll see about getting you some swag, set up a team in Portales
<jimrz> :)
<ColonelPanik> Gracias amigo
<dthomasdigital> I don't have any details yet but I wanted to get an early start on SFD 2009
<jimrz> yep, last year was fun but definitely need more exposure to the general public
<gcleric> Mall..
<dthomasdigital> Plus a perfect time to promote LinuxFest
<dthomasdigital> +1 on gcleric's idea
<jimrz> that, too ;)
<doomcat> perfect place
<gcleric> Which Mall?
<jimrz> good question
<dthomasdigital> Cotton Wood I would think
<dthomasdigital> Working on getting some banners made for the fest with luck will have them before SFD
<gcleric> I think Cottonwood would be the better choice.
<jimrz> Cottonwood probably has the most traffic and the best demographics, but it is also the least centralized and hardest one to get at the traffic in
<gcleric> Should we call and see if there is a fee?
<dthomasdigital> We can put Doomcat in a sandwich board having him walk the mall :)
<gcleric> I've seen public stuff near the elevators.
<jimrz> probably a good idea and find out what, if any, their rules are
<dthomasdigital> I was planning to contact them as NMLC as we are registered as a non-profit
<gcleric> cool.
<dthomasdigital> As soon as I get some info I'll post it. But for this to work it's going to take a  little more planning than in years past.
<jimrz> believe you are right
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: agreed.   I'll help if needed.
<jimrz> +1
<doomcat> +1
<ColonelPanik> Some of you could come over to Portales?
<jimrz> careful what you ask for
<jimrz> ;)
<dthomasdigital> Now that is a commute
<jimrz> indeed
<dthomasdigital> Net item?
<gcleric> What I'm allowed back in Portales?
<gcleric> =P
<dthomasdigital> we will have an Ubuntu, fedora, and OpenSuse table for sure, Will be look at the different LUG's to man those tables.
<dthomasdigital> take a look
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: fyi... Daneil Robbins now is hosting his own sub gentoo based distro...Funtoo.
<dthomasdigital> There will be a page like this on all the distribution's wiki's so everyone will have distro specific info
<jimrz> ok
* doomcat ( has left #ubuntu-us-nm ("ok spock beam me out of here (beams doomcat to doomlair)")
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<doomcat> sry antecedently pressed wrong button
<jimrz> ooops
<dthomasdigital> so as soon as I have the Ubuntu one done I'll let you know.
<jimrz> thx
<gcleric> doomcat: watch out for that that eject button? knowing doomcat it's rigged to a chair some where in his house. =P
<dthomasdigital> thinking about an NMLC meeting around say the 20th if June?
<gcleric> dthomasdigital: that date sounds good.
<ColonelPanik> That works
<jimrz> +1
<dthomasdigital> Cool I'll send more details we can have it someplace other than my house I know I live in the boonies
<dthomasdigital> next item?
<gcleric> yup.
<gcleric> +1
<jimrz> +1
<doomcat> ok next item is my item i have just finished the test for our official nm loco game here is the link look for instructions on right side and tell me what you think
<doomcat> here its is linux portal beta test
<doomcat> oh and you need java to run it
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<gcleric> doomcat: very cool.where's the music from?
* kenneth ( has joined #ubuntu-us-nm
<doomcat> my game is in alpha and in the finished version there is the portal its the ubuntu logo and you have to fight tuxos the linux version of glados the final boss of portal
<tritium> Sorry I'm *very* late.
<kenneth> so iam i
<jimrz> hi tritium
<doomcat> gcleric: The music is the ending credits to portal
<tritium> Hi jimrz.
<jimrz> hi kenneth
<dthomasdigital> oh the late comers 
<ColonelPanik> doomcat, I lost my guy already, might have to restart
<ColonelPanik> btw, cool project
<kenneth> got google gadgets working under kde4
<gcleric> aloha tritium...congrats dude!
<gcleric> howdy kenneth.
<tritium> Hi, gcleric.  Thank you.  :)
<doomcat> oh by the way portal works well on wine and the finished version there will be open source music
<gcleric> doomcat: very cool.
<doomcat> thx
<jimrz> good night everyone

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