Ubuntu Next New Mexico LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9 PM MDT (details)


  1. applying for official LoCo Status

If you want to add anything to the agenda go for it!


October, 25th 2007 meeting Minutes

Weekly Meeting of the New Mexico Ubuntu LoCo

Members Present

  • David Thomas dthomasdigital
  • protonchris
  • Celegorm
  • pfeiffer
  • gcleric
  • inchworm
  • tritium
  • johnny-01

Others Present

  • some lurkers but no one chimed in


Meeting called to order at 7:50pm by Member David Thomas

Had everyone present review Team Approval Application

Talk a little but about dual monitors and Gusty Gibbon

Gathered information to start to move on the EPC project, let the users that are working on the EPC project know that they will be set up as resources in in PHP project.

Topics Discussed

Meeting dismissed at 9:15pm

Assessment of Meeting The meetings are becoming more organized and agenda items are being discussed, I also like that agendas for next week meetings are being set.

Meeting minutes submitted by David Thomas

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