New York Team Event Types

Install Fests

Install fests are events where people can bring their computer to the event and have Ubuntu installed. In most cases these types of events are done in conjunction with other local groups and businesses that can provide facilities conducive to installing Ubuntu on large numbers of computers. The goal is to pair an inexperienced or new user with an 'expert' or experienced user.


Demonstrations are events which feature demonstrations of new features, new software or specific tasks that can be accomplished using Ubuntu


Classes are usually attached to community centers and recreation departments. They can involve multiple or single sessions based on the depth of the topic being covered. The instructors are NYS Team members and the students come from the local communities. The intent is to increase the exposure of FOSS, GNU\Linux and Ubuntu.


The NYS Team hopes to hold an annual event that will bring the various members of the team together. The event could be in a fixed location or could rotate around the various cities in the state. Conferences will also include other technology conferences around the state that NYS Team members will attend as presenters or if they man a booth promoting Ubuntu.


Meetups are informal meetings and can be local, regional or statewide. There is usually no set topic and the conversation is free flowing.

Release Parties

When a new version of Ubuntu is released, which happens twice a year, these events are organized around the state to assist new and existing users migrate to the new release.

CD Handouts

These events involve NYS Team members handing out Ubuntu CDs. The venues for these events can vary, but they must be well planned to ensure that there are available CDs and literature for the event.

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