This project is no longer maintained. You might be interested in Ubuntu Touch though.

If you need to re-create some real-user browsing to drive power and memory profiling, there is a very good Chromium extension that repeats an one-hour usage pattern:

  • [First 60% of the test] Browsing: a new website is loaded every minute. The web page loaded is scrolled down one page every second, then scrolled back up one page every second.
  • [Next 20%] Email: Gmail is loaded in the foreground tab and audio is streamed from a background tab.
  • [Next 10%] Documents: Various Google Docs are loaded.
  • [Final 10%] Video: A full screen 480p YouTube Video is played.

The original chromium extensions is part of the Chrome OS test suite.

The modified extension for the nexus 7 is available here.

To use the extension:

  • branch the bzr branch locally into the nexus 7 ($ bzr branch lp:~vtuson/+junk/load_test_nexus7)

  • install chromium: sudo apt-get install chromium-browser
  • launch chromium and from the menu go to tools --> extensions

  • In the extension view, click on "developer mode"
  • now you will have an option called "Load unpacked extension..." , click in it and browse to your local folder called "extension/"

Once the extension is loaded, it will self-start any time that you open the browser. As an exampe test, there is a run_loadtest shell script in the same branch than the extension that will launch the browser and take battery and brightness levels every 15 minutes for ever.

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