This project is no longer maintained. You might be interested in Ubuntu Touch though.

Developer area for Nexus 7

Our Source Code

Ongoing development for the Nexus 7 for raring (13.04) is being done in the Ubuntu archive itself, our old PPA contains the modified packages that were used for the 12.10 Ubuntu Nexus7 image. If you're basing your work on 12.10, you may need to use this PPA, otherwise please ignore it and work with the sources in raring proper in the Ubuntu archive.

The kernel code is a very slightly modified copy of the original Android kernel that the Nexus7 runs. The Original Google repository can be found at We sync up with new branches corresponding to new firmware updates there as Google makes them available.

Ubuntu repository:;a=summary

Things to get involved with

Packaging and Bug fixing

To get started, please read the first chapters of the packaging guide. Depending on how much you dived into Ubuntu Development already, the introduction, the instructions on how to get set up and how to fix bugs in Ubuntu will be helpful.

To get a armhf pbuilder up and running simply run:

sudo apt-get install qemu-user-static
pbuilder-dist (quantal|raring) armhf create
pbuilder-dist (quantal|raring) armhf build somepackage_version.dsc

Once the build is complete, cd into your ~/pbuilder/(quantal|raring)-armhf_result directory and you can copy over the .deb files and install them on your Nexus7.

Measuring and debugging

You can also help out by doing performance tests. The following pages will help you get started:

General info

To build the kernel follow these instructions.

You can reach us in the #ubuntu-arm irc channel on General discussion happens on the ubuntu-devel mailing list. (For Desktop issues you might want to refer to and for kernel issues to

The Ubuntu-Core-on-Nexus7 hackers have set up a wiki page to track their progress for the raring cycle. It should give you a good idea what's currently going on and where you should be able to help out.

If you are interested in helping to optimize the Ubuntu core for mobile, subscribe to the following blueprints or get a good general overview on this status page.

If you are interested in any of the work items discussed in the blueprints, please reach out to us. We want to work together with you as much as we can.

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