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Novacut: Calendar, website, blog, Kickstarter, FAQ

Novacut Brand Identity (design by IZO): Final v1 Guidelines, First Draft

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How to install

If you're running Ubuntu 13.04, see these these directions on installing Novacut.

UX designs

Software architecture


We build packages for Ubuntu Precise and Quantal users:

For details, see our Release Process.

Code (and other stuff) in Launchpad projects

  • novacut-artwork - various assets for the stunning Novacut brand identity design by IZO

  • novacut-prototypes - where we rapidly prototype and measure time savings of UI variations before doing full implementations

  • novacut - The main editor component (UI and renderer)

  • dmedia - Dmedia, our anwser to media asset management

  • filestore - hashing protocol and FileStore for Dmedia

  • microfiber - lightweight, high-performance CouchDB adapter for Python3

  • usercouch - Python3 library for starting per-user CouchDB instances

  • userwebkit - Python3 library for building WebKitGtk apps that talk to CouchDB

  • dc3 - a DBus service similar to desktopcouch (not that Dmedia now starts CouchDB itself, but we'll continue to maintain dc3 as a option for people migrating from desktopcouch)

Novacut components on ohloh

ohloh is a cool way to visualize and track our progress, and there is a page for each of the 6 modern Novacut components (dc3 is basically being replaced by usercouch, so dc3 was left out):

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