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Note: if you have a Version Zero Dmedia library (created with Novacut 13.04 or earlier), you will have to upgrade your library to Version One.

This video explains how to install Novacut on Ubuntu 13.04, and gives a good overview of the current Novacut and Dmedia features.

Notes about the current state of Novacut/Dmedia:

  • For now we only test with video from Canon HDSLR, so Novacut might be unreliable if not usable when editing video from other cameras. If you need some test footage, here's a 2.1 GB zip with 22 short clips shot on a 5D Mark II. They're licensed CC-BY.

  • Dmedia currently only supports importing from removable media, and you have to actually insert said media to make Dmedia notice. To work around this, copy some HDSLR video onto a removable HDD, a USB stick, CF/SD card, etc.
  • Again, please watch this video for a step by step walk-through on installing and using Novacut

Okay.... it's wonderfully easy to install software through the Ubuntu Software Center. However, as Novacut isn't yet in any official Ubuntu software channel, the process is a touch more difficult. Just ask us if you need help or get stuck!

On the bright side, after you add the Novacut Stable Releases PPA, you'll automatically get each monthly Novacut release.

Just open the terminal (search for "terminal" in Dash), and then copy and paste these 3 commands, hitting Return after each one:

  • sudo apt-add-repository ppa:novacut/stable
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install novacut

To paste into the terminal, choose Paste from the Edit menu, or use Shift+Control+V on your keyboard. You also can click your middle mouse button, if you have one.

You might also want to read about our monthly release process.

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