In the Chair: Stephen Michael Kellat, Point of Contact/Leader

When: March 29, 2014 at 9 PM EST Location: #ubuntu-us-oh on

Meetingology: Not present

Business to discuss:

Ubuntu OLF Planning:

1. Do we wish to engage with OLF at all after they hit us & Canonical up for money in 2013 due to a budget shortfall on their part? Will we need to raise funds to ensure our participation this year? The Canonical Community Team's Community Budget is neither vast nor infinite to draw upon.

2. Shall we present another UbuCon? If yes, can we organically generate presentations from within the community this time?

3. Shall we have a table in the exhibitors area? Free tables are basically gone after last year's proceedings. Canonical only distributes discs for the LTS so we'd have to generate our own distribution copies of 14.10. Canonical only distributes Ubuntu desktop & server LTS discs but I am, of course, certainly biased in favor of having a few copies of Xubuntu available at least.

4. Way too early for a head count but we'll need to hope 6+ months notice is enough time for people to plan on coming.

5. Key signing...we're going to do one this time darn it!

6. What else would the community like to do at OLF 2014?

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