This page is basically to give you a glimpse of what should be done during an On Air! session.

When doing a session, someone from the On Air! team (host) will set up everything that is G+ related. For that, the only thing you need to do is add Ubuntu OnAir to your circles before the session (at least a couple hours). You should also tell the host if you would like to use IRC or Disqus, so can be set up before your session.

Check your...

  • Check your background. A background with lots of clothes, or with people screaming all over will not be nice, so make sure you check your bedroom/office/wherever you're doing the session before you start, so it doesn't look like a mess.
  • Check your lights. A good presenter should be always illuminated. A dark environment will not work for On Air!, you need to make sure you're always illuminated. Even better if there's a light in front of you.
    • Pro tip: if there's a light in front of you, and you see your eyes illuminated (a.k.a. you feel the light on your forehead) then you've got a perfect lightning!
  • Check your times. We don't want people arriving late to the sessions, so please make sure to be online and ready at least 15 minutes before your session starts. And don't get confused with UTC times, make sure to do the right conversion (we suggest this convertor).

  • Always check your camera and microphone. Please check your camera and microphone are working fine before the session. You will be able to re-check 10 or 15 minutes before the session, when the Hangout starts. We suggest using headphones for the session, so there's no echo during the session. We also highly recommend muting yourself while not talking to prevent background noise from coming in.

  • And always check your connection. The connection is one of the most important parts of On Air sessions, so please make sure you have a stable connection that can easily handle video calls, and will not drop in the middle of the session, as we would have to cancel it.

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