If you would like to submit a session for Ubuntu On Air!, please send us an email to Make sure to put "Ubuntu On Air! Session Submission" as a title, and state:

  • Session title
  • Session date and time (UTC)
  • People who will be working on it/On Air
  • Do this people have experience with On Air sessions? If yes, please link the past videos on the email as well.
  • Team related to the session
  • Is it Classroom related?

Email Example

Subject: Ubuntu On Air! Session Submission

Hello, Ubuntu on Air! team! I would like to submit a session on "How to make ice cubes". I would like it to be
held on January 8th, 2013, at 17:00 UTC. My friends Jane Doe and Carla Coe will be working on the session with
me, but only I (John Smith) will go On Air. I do have experience with On Air sessions, you can watch my past
sessions here [0]. This is related to the Ubuntu Cooking Team, and is also Classroom related.

Thanks for your help!

John Smith


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