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IRC: #ubuntu-osc on
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Team Leader: Justin M. Wray
Members List: Launchpad / Wiki

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  • Applicant must have a Launchpad account.

  • Client must be a Ubuntero (ie, signed the Code of Conduct)


Client must have an understanding of the collaborative tools used by Ubuntu and this team.

  • Launchpad
  • Wiki
  • Ubuntu
  • Bug Tracking Software

Mailing List & IRC

  • Client must be a member of the mailing list

  • Client should be able to attend IRC sessions (This is not required, but will be needed to participate in some events)


  • Client should have a clear understanding of Ubuntu in general
  • Client should be technically advanced with the Ubuntu distribution
  • Client should be able to triage bugs
  • Client must have a clear understanding of the goals of Ubuntu and importantly this team


  • Client should have the foundation knowledge in order to collaborate with other projects
    • Understand bug submission (through multiple tools)
    • Understand patch submission (through multiple tools)
    • Familiar with mailing lists
    • Etc...
  • Client should have the foundation knowledge in order to be able to find and contact developers of other projects

Open Source Collaboration

  • Client needs to be active within the team, even before joining
    • IRC
    • Mailing List
    • Bug comments
    • Bug submission
    • Bug Triage
    • Etc...
  • Client will need to be familiar with the team documentation

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