Are there any topics that you'd like to see covered in future sessions? A list of MOTU School session requests can be found here.

  • Two things I'd like to be taught is bash-scripting and how to be a productive memeber of bugsquad, that is triaging, bugreporting and so on, along with some examples and excersises. even though the wiki pages are good in showing this, documentation isnt always a sufficient method of teaching. KhaaL

  • Getting new software packaged and into Ubuntu and/or Debian.
  • Getting new software into Ubuntu and/or Debian doesn't just involve packaging and uploading the software, but it also involves a certain degree of responsibility for maintaining the software and responding to bug reports once the software is in the repos. I would like someone to give a talk on the processes involved in getting new software into repositories, as well as discuss the responsibilities that come along with getting new software into the repos. j1mc 2009-04-23 03:43:22

  • From

    • Getting Started.
    • Finding things that need to get done.
    • The path from to hello.deb
    • How to distribute my brand-new little app to lots of Ubuntu users, targeting Hardy, Intrepid, and Jaunty
    • Packaging DocBook help for use with PyGTK Gnome apps

  • From

    • building multiple-binaries packages
    • contributing upstream
    • Packaging for Debian, then sync/merge into Ubuntu
    • when to split out library files
    • (A system of online workshops you could follow in your own time)
    • A guide for someone switching from Windows development
  • From MOTU/Videos

    • Life Cycle of a Bug
  • From MOTU/School/Requests

    • What do I have to do, if I maintain a package?
    • Cool things to do with python-apt.
    • Uploading a clean source package on REVU
    • Dealing with hideously packaged packages
    • Integrating packages with Gnome
    • read MoM outputs
    • How to package a php web app
    • How are 'Mobile' Apps special?
    • How do Debian Packaging Teams work?
    • How do I make good use of Upstream Version Control Systems?
    • Managing packages and patches with git-buildpackage?
    • The misteries of gcc, ld, make and autotools
    • Ways to contribute back to Debian
    • How to be a patch pilot
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