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Next MOTU Meeting (details)

Thursday, December 6th 2012, 16:00 UTC

Next Packaging Training Session (details)


***MOTU School has been retired in favor of Packaging/Training*** - These pages remain just for historical record.

We are inviting YOU, yes we mean you, to join #ubuntu-classroom on


We, the MOTUs and as well the core devs of Ubuntu, think it’s time to increase the level of education. Right now, it’s quite difficult to enter the world of debian packaging and development.


And the best way to change this, is to have some lectures. Everybody who is interested to be involved in Ubuntu MOTU work and Ubuntu development and as well in Debian packaging is invited to join us. Even MOTUs and Core Devs are learning every day new ways to improve themselves. And if we can, you can as well.

About “Masters of the Universe”

The “Masters of the Universe” are responsible for Ubuntu's “Universe" and "Multiverse” repositories. We are a group of around 100 people who are doing volunteer work for Ubuntu. We are all Ubuntu Members and stick with the CoC. We try to fix every package in Universe/Multiverse, we try to help other people to get their software into the Ubuntu Software Repositories. We try to change the world. You will find the “MOTUs” in the #ubuntu-motu channel on

Upcoming Sessions

There are no currently scheduled sessions. Check back for updates or subscribe to the page to get notifications.

Held Sessions


On MOTU/School/Requests you can make further requests for sessions, or volunteer to give one of your own.


I would like to request that sessions be re-presented in an earlier CET time. 03:00 CET is nearly impossible to attend. Thanks.

Is it possible to have RSS for sessions?

Sorry if this is the wrong place, but are there logs available?


It would be great to setup an entire course/curriculum similar to the LinuxChix PostGreSQL class they are running on Moodle. Several advantages to this approach:

  • You would have one or two mentors for an entire class of folks who all start at one time
  • Learners all begin at the same place, say monthly sessions that run for 4 or 6 weeks
  • Learners have the info in one, organized placed
  • Learners will have self-checks and pre-assigned activities
  • Learners will learn as much from each other than any one mentor

The course setup and activities would take some building but definitely worth it to get an entire class, say 10 potential MOTUs all up and running at one time. The current one-on-one mentoring is great but very time consuming for mentors and often frustrating for mentees or others in the queue.

BelindaLopez - Dinda

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