Paul Flint is a recent political refugee from his native Washington D.C. After thirty years of marginal living in DC, Paul and his wife, now without children at home, made the jump to live in Vermont. "We looked around Vermont and decided that Barre would be a great place to live." Paul intimates, " is where we live now."

Paul Flint ( originally a native Washingtonian, was a resident of Arlington, Virginia and a long time Free Software advocate. He is responsible for bringing Ubuntu to the DC Free Software community, annually he dresses up as Saint Nickel-Linux (Santa Claus) and hands out current Ubuntu CDs during Christmas (Video is available). He is the past Team leader of the DCLoCo.

Under his leadership things started rolling, and they have been gathering momentum ever since. At Paul's urging, two other members of our team, ColinApplegate and JeffreyElkner, attended the UbuntuDownUnder conference in Sydney, Australia. In exchange for this Jeff sent Flint and Collin to the Edubuntu conference in London at the end of June 2005. Kevin Cole succeeded Paul as the DCLoCo leader, Paul currently preaches at the Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts

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