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Contributions to the Community

Ubuntu Beginners Team

  • Ubuntu Member of the Ubuntu Forum's Beginner's Team, where we take the time to walk new users through their new Linux Desktop or Laptop since 2007.

    Ubuntu Restructured the Ubuntu Beginners Team into what it is today with the help of a few other senior members back in the summer of 2008. We worked through the growing pains, and now have a structure to handle a very large volume of members.

    Ubuntu Council Member Emeritus of the Beginners Team

    Ubuntu Past Head of the IRC UBT Focus Group. Our role is to moderate the channels under our control, and provide support in #ubuntu-beginners-help.

    Ubuntu Past head of the Development UBT Focus Group ( 2008 - 2010 ). We help new users begin to code. We also try to create code that will be useful to a more wide user base. Example projects that have come from this are an IRC Bot, Wiimote bindings for D, Perl and C++. I stepped down due to a lack of time in February 2010.

    Ubuntu Created the Education UBT Focus Group, now a flourishing team in the community. Our Focus Group is working very closely with the Ubuntu Learning team, and Ubuntu Classroom.

LoCo Involvement

  • Ubuntu LoCo Council Member

    Ubuntu Ohio LoCo Team contact Emeritus. Currently working to get the Community to an active state by holding events, parties, and a healthy dose of local activism.

    Ubuntu Founder of the North East branch of the Ohio LoCo, where we work to enhance the Ohio LoCo's footprint in the Cleveland+ Area. Currently a great success, and turning out to be one of the more active LoCos.

    Ubuntu Helped represent the Ohio LoCo at Ohio Linux Fest 2009, or OLF. I talked with those who attended, as well as running the booth.

    Ubuntu Active Ohio LoCo member, and coordinator of the 2009 October Bug Jam.

    Ubuntu Part of the Mass LoCo team, although currently inactive, as I have been at school in Ohio. I plan to become more involved locally post College.

    Ubuntu Local activist, getting friends and family to try and keep using Ubuntu, through support.

    Ubuntu Installed a set of two Linux servers, configured them to work with the Design and Technology center in my hometown's High School, controlling a domain of 14 Windows computers, loaded with Architecture software, as well as providing remote filesystem space through Samba. Then took a role as the System Administrator, and maintained them for 3 years.

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