My name is Paul Kairis and I have worked with computers and digital technology for many years. I have been using Linux since 1995 and Ubuntu since the release of Ubuntu 6.06, Dapper Drake, in 2006. I have been a member of the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team since 13 March 2015. I provide assistance at the AZLOCO events - in particular the Installation Festivals/Linux Workshops held in Tempe, AZ.


* Launchpad:

* Email:

* IRC: pavlos on #ubuntu-us-az and #plugaz on


* Member/contributor Launchpad since 13 March 2015

* Member Ubuntu Arizona Local Community since 13 March 2015 (although has participated in Team events for over 3 years)

  • Attends the semi-monthly Tempe Ubuntu Hour
  • Has hosted the second Tempe Ubuntu Hour since May 2015.
  • Maintains the team proxmox server (both server builds) and conducts day to day maintenance
  • Attends AZLOCO Team weekly IRC meetings
  • Has run AZLOCO Team IRC meetings on line
  • Assists in maintaining/editing the AZLOCO web site

  • Assists in maintaining/editing the AZLOCO Ubuntu wiki pages

  • Is active on the AZLOCO IRC site #ubuntu-us-az on
  • Participates in the semi-monthly Team Installation Festivals
  • Participated in Ubuntu Global Jams during the semi-monthly Installation Festivals (2015)

* Member of the Phoenix Linux User Group – Arizona (PLUG) for at least 20 years

  • Attends monthly physical meetings
  • Attends the monthly Free Software Stammtisch
  • Is active on the PLUG-AZ IRC site #plugaz on

* Has given work related Linux technical presentations


* Present a positive role model in the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community

* Help increase the Ubuntu community in general and the AZLOCO in particular.

* Continue to support Ubuntu and Free and Open Source Software.

* Continue to educate the public about the benefits of Ubuntu Linux

* Continue to live by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct

Paul Kairis, Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team


I have known Paul since 2015 and continue to be amazed at his knowledge of Linux Operating Systems, especially Ubuntu and its officially recognized “flavors” as well as other Free and Open Source Software. He is always willing to provide assistance to anyone who asks for help either at the semi-monthly installation festivals or on the Team IRC channel. He is extremely worthy of being accepted as a Ubuntu member.

Rex Bouwense, Ubuntu member,

I have known Paul for four years he has been a great member and contributer to Ubuntu Arizona LoCo users he attends all events and assists both new and experienced users with installs repairs training and always willing to do presentations for the group. He assists with team servers and runs several events each month and fill-in and running and assisting at all Team events and writes articles on and is a regular in ubuntu forums

Todd Cole, Ubuntu Member and Team leader Ubuntu Arizona,

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