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Sunday April 05 2015
21:00 MST (details)


  • Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona LoCo Team Wiki page. We are an Approved Ubuntu LoCo Team and a volunteer organization within the State of Arizona who are committed to Ubuntu advocacy and education. Our goal is to increase the public awareness and use of Ubuntu and Open Source in our state. Our Community Projects are geared so that we return more to the community than we receive, and we always endeavor to live up to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.


  • If you are interested in helping our team achieve its goals, please follow these instructions: Membership. They will assist you in registering at launchpad, and the ubuntu-us-az mailing list. It will also give you instructions on setting up the IRC chat client XChat so that you can join our team IRC channel and chat with all our team members. We offer a casual social atmosphere while at the same time working to promote Ubuntu.

Online Meetings

  • Our online meetings are held every Sunday on IRC Channel: #ubuntu-us-az in at 9:00 pm MST (4:00 am UTC). If you are unfamiliar with IRC chat channels, there are instructions on how to set up xchat listed in the above Membership link. You can also go to our web site at and click the support link to enter the IRC channel.

  • Ubuntu also hosts online training sessions. You can see their calendar at which shows UTC not Arizona time. and also check out ubuntu on-air for more events and classes

  • We are pleased to announce we now have a team Big Blue Button Server to test and plan to hold meetings at check it out or contact for more info.


  • Arizona Ubuntu LoCo now has three installfests each month on the First and Third Saturdays, at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) across from Fry's Electronics at 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Tempe, room 206/207. Enter from the rear of the front building from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. First and the Last Saturday of the month.

  • Tucson Workshop at Wheeler Taft Abbett Library 7800 N Schisler Dr,Tucson, AZ 85743 Fourth Saturday for the month 1-5PM

    check our calendar at Contact for more info.


Ubuntu Hour

  • AzLoCo how has four Ubuntu hours to meet and chat about linux and open source one in Tempe Az, one in Surprise Az, one in Sierra Vista AZ, and one in Phoenix, AZ. Check the calendar for accurate current info at

Team Goals

  • As stated in the introduction, our goals are to help spread the use of Ubuntu and Open Source in the State of Arizona. We will implement team and community service projects as needed to achieve these goals.

Future Events

  • Ubuntu Hour Events are currently being held in Tempe (4th Thursday of every month), Surprise (1st Wednesday of each month), Sierra Vista (4th Thursday of each month) , and Phoenix, Arizona (1st & 3d Tuesdays of each month). The Tucson events are on the Fourth Sat of each month

  • IRC meetings are held weekly on Sunday nights. The IRC channel is open 24 hours a day to help users with questions and communicate with team members.
  • Release Parties, we do demonstrations of new features and installations for our team and local participants.

Recent Events

(Does not include recent but regularly scheduled events)

attachment:AppWorkshop1.JPG attachment:AppWorkshop2.JPG

Team Server

Server Team Page See how we are using Ubuntu server technology to help others statewide

Team Resources

You will find our IRC Chat Channel especially helpful if you have specific questions about Ubuntu, or are in need of technical help. Our team meetings are every Sunday @ 9:00 PM local time on the IRC Channel. Feel free to drop in anytime you need help, or just to chat and get to know us.

Ubuntu Team IRC Chat Channel: #ubuntu-us-az server: Ubuntu Team Website: also has direct link to our IRC channel

Linux radio shows

Ubuntu News & Resources


Thank you for taking the time to consider membership in our LoCo, and please check back often.

If you encounter any problems which you can not resolve, please send an email to <> or <> describing your problem. We look forward to meeting you soon! Smile :)

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