Mythbuntu Installfest/Jam

Ubuntu Date: Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ubuntu Time: 1-5PM

Ubuntu Refreshments: Pizza, snacks, coffee, and soda will be provided

Ubuntu Details: As a follow-up to our Software Freedom Day event at PACS where David Harding presented on MythTV, this event is being hosted so you can get help with your Mythbuntu machine - or even build one!

  • At the event there will be myth demos with a variety of input sources, building of mythbuntu boxes using jaunty (9.04) and karmic (9.10) beta, and debugging of existing myth configurations (your myth box's remote stopped working? bring it out!). In addition to Myth stuff, if you have other Ubuntu-related issues please feel free to bring your laptops/desktops. We'll also be doing some general Ubuntu work, bug squashing, documentation work, there will be something for everyone!

Ubuntu Can't make it to the actual event? Participate remotely in the USTeams WikiDocDay!

What hardware should I have for Myth?

You must bring a computer, a supported video capture card, a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor, plus any necessary cords.

Although not required, we can help you set up an infrared receiver and remote control, an infrared transmitter (blaster), a Linux-compatible TV-out graphics card, or a sound card. Feel free to bring any hardware you own even if you don't know whether it's Linux-compatible. (But we suggest you don't buy expensive new hardware without ensuring it's Linux-compatible.)

Ubuntu Supported Video Cards List

Please send hardware questions to the MythTV Users mailing list. Please send questions about the Philly Myth Jam to our mailing list.

Event Sign-up





Ms. Example

example at gmail dot com

Myth, Doc Day

Yes, tower-style computer w/ Hauppauge card to install Myth on

Elizabeth Krumbach

lyz at ubuntu dot com

Doc Day, Bugs


Nick Atzert at gmail dot com

tower computer, no tuner, wifi card


ryanfauth at gmail dot com

antec case + intel board, hauppauge card, remote not working

Stephen Nichols

chinnodog at lonesheep dot net


*EMAIL required for verification of attendance.

Volunteer Sign-up



Art Alexion

Site host

Elizabeth Krumbach

Doc Day, Bugs

Matt Mossholder


David A. Harding


John Baab


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