Web Development Team

Team Captain: Elizabeth Bevilacqua https://launchpad.net/~lyz
Alex Launi https://launchpad.net/~socialrevolutionary

News Sub-Team

Have news about what your part of Pennsylvania is doing for Ubuntu that you want on ubuntupennsylvania.org? Contact Elizabeth Bevilacqua: lyz@ubuntu.com

The Gallery team is in charge of maintaining the photo gallery at http://gallery.meetlinux.com

Have photos from an event you'd like to add to our team Gallery? You can either:

  • Email one of our volunteers so they can create an account for you on the gallery
  • Email the photos directly to our volunteers so we can put them up for you

Be sure to include date and which event the photos are from, as well as your name so we give proper credit.


The Web Development Team is responsible for maintaining the Pennsylvania LoCo Team's website

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