The PhilippineTeam usually meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 07:00 UTC (15:00 PHT). The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 18th June 2014, 07:00 UTC and and will be held in #ubuntu-ph on

There's a web interface to get in the channel Click here to get in #ubuntu-ph.

  • NOTE: Today's meeting was moved Wednesday 18, 2014 at 7:00PM PHT

Who Should Attend

Members of the PhilippineTeam and anyone who would like to observe or comment on the topics for discussion.

General Agenda Items and Proposals

If you add items to the agenda, please follow the example below- If you put an item on the agenda, you will have to show up. Otherwise the item may be deleted from the agenda. Please add your name to items you add and invite any interested people to the meeting. Please don't add items to the list on the day before a meeting.

Please put a brief statement of the issue to be discussed here, and link to a more detailed description or summary elsewhere in the wiki.




8layer's 2014 Trilogy Open Source Themed events partnership.

Past Meetings

April 10, Wednesday, 2014


May 07, Wednesday, 2014


June 18, Wednesday, 2014


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