Pietro Albini

Hello, I'm Pietro Albini, a 16 years old boy, who live in Italy.

I'm a member of the Ubuntu-it LoCoTeam and the Ubuntu Member, and I do a lot of works into the LoCo.

About Me

  • Name: Pietro Albini

  • Age: 16

  • Country: Italy

  • LoCo team: Ubuntu Italy

  • Launchpad: ~pietroalbini

  • IRC: pietroalbini on irc.freenode.org

  • Email: pietroalbini AT ubuntu DOT com

Team Memberships

Future Plans

Now I'm going to improve my contributes into the Italian LoCoTeam.

My works

Ubuntu Italy

Ubuntu-it Website Team

Ubuntu-it Ask Team

Ubuntu-it wiki

Ubuntu-it newsletter

Not active anymore.

Ubuntu-it Social media team

Social media team manage social network pages/groups related to Ubuntu-it

I collaborate with they since June 11th, mainly organizing events.


Pietro is a very enthusiastic guy: in few months he becomes fundamental in our LoCo Team, especially in the Website Team. He did (and do) a lot of projects to keep the site update, with new and exciting content -- RiccardoPadovani

Pietro is a great contributor of the Italian LoCo Team, he has been involved in many projects such as the WebSite bringing new ideas and fresh proposals to improve the experience. He's always very active in promoting the Ubuntu projects. -- 3v1n0 2013-04-17 13:53:12

I met Pietro during a meeting of our LoCo Team. I was impressed by his competence, engagement and enthusiasm during the meeting. Later, I followed his work and can testify his commitment to the project. I definitely recommend him for the membership, it's well deserved. -- warp10 2013-04-17 17:38:26

Pietro effectively helps Ubuntu with his continuous work. Moreover it's a real pleasure collaborate with him. Pietro works are precise and always top quality and he always put all his strengths in everything he does. It is a pleasure having him in our community. Strongly recommended to become an Ubuntu Member. -- claudio.arseni 2013-06-10 06:48:17

Pietro is joung, but passionate. He works very hard in the Website Team, and he knows what to do. It's a pleasure working with him. He did some other activities, such as building the Website for the Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference Italy (DUCC-IT). Therefore I support him for the Ubuntu Membership. -- deshack 2013-06-10 09:08:39


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