Planet Ubuntu, an aggregate of blogs by Ubuntu members, is a general window into the lives of contributors to the project. Occasionally items show up there in aggregation which don't meet with the spirit of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, and those items are then removed.


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Introduce a brief disclaimer into the sidebar on Planet Ubuntu:

Planet Ubuntu is a window into the world, work and lives of Ubuntu developers and contributors. Opinions are those of the individuals and do not represent Ubuntu as a whole. If you disagree with an item here, we encourage you to write up a witty rejoinder and have it posted here too! Woo readers to your views with charm and style, please don't engage in personal arguments. You might want to review the Code of Conduct, and the Bloggers Code of Conduct.

Confidential Information

Ubuntu members who publish blogs on Planet Ubuntu should endeavour to ensure that company confidential information is not posted there. The planet administrators will make a reasonable judgement about the sensitivity of information in blogs re-published there, and will consider requests for the removal of content on those grounds. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to establish the confidentiality of any given piece of information, and will not automatically remove posts on request.

You can contact the Planet sysadmins here.

It is imperative that where a post is removed, the relevant user is contacted and respectfully explained the reason why - miscommunication is the main problem in such situations.

Inappropriate Posts

The Code of Conduct applies to all actions by Ubuntu members, including posting to their blogs.

Where a community member is offended by content on another member's blog, the best approach will generally be to attempt to resolve the issue peacefully through respectful discussion. In extremely serious cases and in the event that it is not possible to resolve the issue, the CommunityCouncil can mediate the problem.

By and large, we take a "liberal Western" view of matters moral. That means we don't blush too much when sex is discussed, though we prefer to keep it practical, to keep personal preferences private, and never to criticize or belittle others on gender or sexuality grounds.

If you are contacted by a community member in regard to blog posts, we would ask you to respond to their comments politely and in good faith. Don't let a difference of style or opinion spiral into a conflict which will make it impossible for you to collaborate with that person on matters of mutual interest. No single "set of rules" would let us all get along - but we expect everyone in the Ubuntu community to make a real effort to treat one another respectfully, across great cultural divides.


As a rule of thumb, English should be considered the "lingua franca" of Planet Ubuntu. There are a number of language and locale specific Planets run by Ubuntu LoCo Teams, which are a great way for teams to get news out in their local language. However, the official Ubuntu Planet should attempt to use English where possible to reach the widest possible audience.


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