Ubuntu Growing the power users community. Ideas for this are welcome. As toros said on IRC, "... the main problem was with the power user community last time that there wasn't too many people involved... this (IRC) channel (#ubuntu-power-users) was rather quiet most of the day"

Ubuntu Documentation. I suggest we use Ask Ubuntu, because that way anyone can edit it - the forums/mailing list isn't a good idea, because we can't edit it, and then in 12.10 we'll run into problems when things change again.

  • Ubuntu Testing. The power users community is probably the only group outside of the developers that has the skills to properly report bugs and provide information that will help track them down - so the power users community as a whole should get a jump on 12.04 testing. To help with testing, take a look at the ZsynCDImage instructions over here.

    Ubuntu Instructions for testing Ubuntu Tweak "safely" need to be written up, this can be done now.

Ubuntu Ubuntu Tweak. Right now, Tweak needs testing so it will be ready for 12.04 - this needs to happen, if it doesn't then Ubuntu for power users will most likely fail. Instructions for testing Tweak "safely" need to be written up, I'm thinking Arkose sandboxing should work.

Ubuntu Get in touch with Ubuntu Tweak developer before any of the Ubuntu tweak related stuff happens.

Ubuntu Figure out how to get make it possible to contribute code via launchpad. Perhaps have someone have a bzr launchpad mirror/sync setup?

Workflow for that idea: commit gets made on Tweak's github repository. Person A ("launchpad code maintainer") pulls it down, commits it into bzr and pushes up to launchpad. Person B ("Tweak contributor") makes a bzr branch, makes a change and submits for review on launchpad. Person A looks over it and approves it, then pulls it into the bzr repo, pulls it down, commits in git and then submits a github pull request. Process repeats as needed? Ideas for this are welcome, just add them below!

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