Get Involved!

Do you find defaults boring? Do you like to tweak your system? Do you have the power? The Ubuntu Power User Community is waiting for you! Join our Launchpad group, subscribe to our mailing list and join our IRC channel and get involved!

Roadmap for 12.04

You can read the roadmap for the 12.04 cycle over here. Comments are welcome, and if you want to discuss something feel free to head over to the mailing list and send an email, we don't bite, honest!


  • The Ubuntu Power User Community holds somewhat irregular meetings. See the Meeting page for details and agenda.


Help Developing our tool!

  • Are you a Developer? Help us building the Kitchen Sink: a single application that supports multiple plug-in that provides you with a plethora of check-boxes for switching on and off all kinds of different things.

Build a quicklist

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