These week's cadence testing coincides with the ubuntu global jam. Welcome jammers!

The testing focus for this week will be to have special jam sessions during ubuntu global jam. The focus will be to have testing across the board. All the manual testcases have been made available to submit results. In addition, raring daily isos of ubuntu and it's flavors are available for testing.

Click each link below to be taken to a page on the qatracker with the testcases, and the submission page to submit test results.

Need help submitting a test? Check out the information here.

Application Tests

Image (daily) Tests

Hardware Tests

In addition QA Community folks, we are targeting confirming bugs for ubiquity to help lower the 'open' bug reports against the installer. Click here for a list of open bugs found by us testing the isotracker, in descending order of date. If you are able, please confirm the bug, or confirm it is not a bug and close it.

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