Contributing Testcases

Contributing testcases is a great way to contribute to the quality efforts for ubuntu. There are several options to choose from -- no matter if you are a programmer or just a well minded user.

Launchpad & bzr

Never contributed before? New to launchpad? Take a look at this tutorial for getting yourself setup for contributing testcases on launchpad.


We hold hackfests online from time to time to help new and old contributors contribute tests.

Manual Testcases

Automated Testcases


We welcome new contributions as well as enhancements or corrections to the current set of cases. We are active in many different areas of ubuntu in writing cases. The major projects are broken out below.

Needed autopilot tests

To see a list of all the needed autopilot tests for you to write, click here.

Ubuntu Touch Core Apps

The ubuntu touch core apps are community developed applications written for the ubuntu touch platform. As a quality community team we have been assisting these developers by writing autopilot tests for the application as they have developed. For more information, including tutorials on writing autopilot tests for ubuntu touch qml applications, see the following page. In addition there is a walkthrough for contributing a testcase.

Ubuntu Desktop

See the launchpad project for ubuntu desktop autopilot tests. Follow this handy walkthrough for helping you to contribute your first autopilot testcase.


We help maintain the set of autopilot tests to test ubiquity. Our goal as a team is to reduce our maintenance burden of manual testing repetitively by automating the repetitive tests via autopilot. To join in this effort, please see the ubiquity automated testing project page.


See the tutorial to get started.

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